View Full Version : Anniversary won't install...

16-11-08, 09:30
I set it up to install, but it always seem stuck with the bar at between 90% and 95% progress.

How can I overcome this?

16-11-08, 09:32

The Installation hangs.
Option 1: (if you have patience) The installation can take a long time to complete the final part of the installation. DirectX is being updated and this has been known to take over 30 minutes to complete.

Option 2: Create a temporary folder on your hard drive and copy the contents of the DVD except the dx9.0c folder. Now run setup.exe from your temporary folder. Once complete you can delete the temporary folder and it's content.
If you are not sure if you have DirectX 9.0c you can download it from Microsoft and install.

Option 3: When the installation appears to hang at 95% open the Task Manager and select the process Tab. You will see that "SET58.tmp" is running 100%. Right mouse click on the process and Set the Priority to "Below Normal". The installation should then complete shortly.

16-11-08, 09:52
Thanks. I'll try that a bit later and let you know.

16-11-08, 17:23
It worked. Thanks.