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16-11-08, 10:56
I need a register cleaner to get rid of all my graphics card settings, i remember recalling the software that deletes all the files/registry drivers. Driver sweeper does not work with it, only removes files but not everything.

Everytime i install ATI drivers, screen goes black in windows until i driver clean it which disables the ati driver.

I dont want to format:)

16-11-08, 12:39
1. Use Catalyst Uninstaller (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/cat-uninstaller.zip) to remove old drivers before installing the new ones. Then reboot, then install new drivers.

2. Run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report. Do you have e.g. RAdmin or WinVNC installed (remote administration tools)?

17-11-08, 04:00
Dont worry.. i will format... Cant find that program anymore

17-11-08, 06:39
Formatting is not the best solution in any case possible, try following my advice first :)

17-11-08, 10:22
Ok your right because formatting didn't work. I posted my problem on Guru3d. THis is getting way to complex. i dont think dignostic will help but ill try

im in safe mode..

edit: it froze at directx part..


Diagnostic tool developed for www.tombraiderforums.com
Version : 2.44
Author : Simulation

Select All (Ctrl A) then Copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) the text in Notepad into a reply on the forum.

Operating System

Windows Vista Detected

COMMAND.COM has NOT been installed

Autoexec.NT is NOT installed

Config.NT is NOT installed

Programs Currently Running

Image Name PID Session Name Session# Mem Usage
========================= ====== ================ ======== ============
System Idle Process 0 Services 0 24 K
System 4 Services 0 2,724 K
smss.exe 392 Services 0 1,056 K
csrss.exe 464 Services 0 6,684 K
wininit.exe 500 Services 0 5,128 K
csrss.exe 512 Console 1 9,108 K
winlogon.exe 552 Console 1 5,836 K
services.exe 584 Services 0 6,464 K
lsass.exe 596 Services 0 2,404 K
lsm.exe 604 Services 0 5,360 K
svchost.exe 748 Services 0 6,776 K
svchost.exe 804 Services 0 7,664 K
svchost.exe 844 Services 0 12,644 K
svchost.exe 932 Services 0 8,776 K
svchost.exe 964 Services 0 20,360 K
svchost.exe 992 Services 0 14,608 K
svchost.exe 128 Services 0 16,196 K
svchost.exe 208 Services 0 8,316 K
svchost.exe 268 Services 0 12,596 K
svchost.exe 1128 Services 0 6,728 K
explorer.exe 1500 Console 1 30,184 K
chrome.exe 1972 Console 1 58,452 K
chrome.exe 1124 Console 1 16,248 K
msnmsgr.exe 1348 Console 1 54,520 K
chrome.exe 1796 Console 1 12,464 K
chrome.exe 1232 Console 1 28,336 K
WmiPrvSE.exe 1924 Services 0 7,060 K
chrome.exe 1624 Console 1 16,180 K
diagnose.exe 1768 Console 1 7,216 K
ns33D.tmp 1028 Console 1 3,056 K
cmd.exe 1496 Console 1 3,104 K
tasklist.exe 1248 Console 1 6,000 K
WmiPrvSE.exe 1688 Services 0 7,628 K

System Event Log - Warning and Errors Only (last 24hrs)

Event Log from 08:00am on the 16/11/2008

Tomb Raider Game Setup Information

DirectX Diagnostics Report

after trying to shut it down it finished it and i copied it.

17-11-08, 10:48
Ok your right because formatting didn't work.

Formatting always works! Don't mix formatting with system restore/recovery :)

Boot in Safe Mode and use Catalyst uninstaller.
Ignore "New Hardware found..." message.
Download and install MS NET2.0 Runtime Environment.
Ignore "New Hardware found..." message.
Download and install latest Catalyst for your video board.

18-11-08, 10:18
Ok i found the problem, CCC changed the setting to put the frequency way too high for my 22nch screen to cope with. So i had to hook up my graphics card to a tv which worked!!! and went into CCC and set it to DVI reduced frequency and changed a bunch of settings and stuff. And now it works:)

SOOOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE THIS PROBLEM, like there is 17 pages on ati forums about this issue!

EscondeR, its the BEST feeling not RMA'ing a card! ill be in time to play TRU!!!

18-11-08, 11:08
Check the limiter to be set to "Monitor supported frequencies only" in Display Advanced properties and in Catalyst Control Center :)

20-11-08, 10:26
Thats what i did in ccc:), i only had access on my old tv. safe mode doesnt do anything..

20-11-08, 11:05
Well... having an LCD display you can safely limit frequency to 75Hz and forget about it :)

22-11-08, 00:07
ummm ok?:confused:

22-11-08, 15:09
Either Catalyst CC display frequency settings or Display Properties > Settings > Advanced settings > Display > Frequency, set to 75Hz. Press OK button.