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Laras man
16-11-08, 14:30
How do I open a .DB File? Can someone please help

16-11-08, 14:44
Hi there!

First thing: You'd probably be better off at the tech support forums with that one. Probably someone will move it.

Second thing:
The extension alone (.DB) does not say much about the contents. It would be best, if you could post which program it belongs to!


16-11-08, 14:49
Try google, you'll definitely get an answer. No computer-majored guy knows the file extensions of the all the programs in the world.

Good luck! :)

16-11-08, 15:19
If it's a database file then something like MS Access will open it.

If it's not a database file then I believe it's some sort of cache file which shouldn't really be opened by you. But I might be wrong.

16-11-08, 15:44
If it's about a file called Thumbs.db: it contains thumbnails of images in a folder and is not actually supposed to be opened.

16-11-08, 21:40
yes.. .db extension is a database file.
no. dont use MS Access to open it.... wrong format
no. don't open thumbs.db because it is database of thumbnail images (as stated before)

also..... if it is not the thumbs database file, it depends on what application wrote the file as to what can be used to open it. it may be a SQL or MySQL database file, or it may be a totally different type of database. If you are feeling froggy, try opening it with a hex editor first (after making a backup). look for clues near the end of the file as to what was used to create it.

010 editor (http://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/) will fit for that job.

17-11-08, 06:32
How do I open a .DB File? Can someone please help

I believe you want to kick Kurtsy Spam's arse in Cafe Metro ;) Download and use THIS (http://www.trsearch.org/ActorEdit.zip) :)