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16-11-08, 14:31
Hi. If anyone remembers reading, I decided to get a PS3 in order to play Tomb Raider Underworld, but as I dont have that kind of money :( So, I've done a bit of research and I think the XBOX 360 would be my better choice.

This is the exact package that sounds good to me for pricing. http://www.game.com.au/viewtitle?code=XB360CON

Now, I havent been able to find a good answer for this, but my TV is absolute CRAP, so Im hoping that I can connect the XBOX to my LG L194WT Widescreen. How can I do this and will it be possible? What cables should I buy and use.


16-11-08, 14:36
My TV is also a huuge crap. It's 7 years old, but Xbox runs perfectly fine on it. Of course you don't experience the awesomely awesoem shiny stuff, but it's fine really. And bout your monitor, you could ask in a local gaming store, maybe.

17-11-08, 13:07
Yeah LOL but I want the shiny stuff :vlol: Thats why I want to get a 360. The Requirements for the 360 Tomb Raider: Legend is like 480dp or something, so Im guessing TRU will be alot more >.< And my TV couldnt do it >_> The gaming stores no NOTHING I swear, I mean, a few weeks ago i went in and asked about the release date of TRU, The person didnt know, then I went to a different worker and they told me LOL I don't really trust them. I hope someone here can help ;)

17-11-08, 20:02
HDMI interface must be a solution for you :)

17-11-08, 20:41
BTW... 480 is standard definition as far as I am aware.
There should be a plethora of converter cables/boxes out there if there is not a cable that will go straight from the 360 to the monitor. I think HDMI may be a good solution if your monitor has hdmi input on it.

18-11-08, 03:47
My PC Monitor has a D-SUB and a DVI port on it ;)

Would it be possible to use the cord that connects my PC to my Monitor, unplug the end that inserts to the PC and plug it into the 360 instead? On the back of the360 it lookslike there is a hole for it :confused:

18-11-08, 06:53
Yup, DVI must fit also.

18-11-08, 13:27
Hmm I dont understand what you mean. In the back of the 360, is that a D-SUB or DVI port?

18-11-08, 13:35
How many pins does it have?
XboX must have long DVI port with pinholes and one plate-hole. D-SUB has 15 pins in 3 rows, DVI has 2 groups of 9 pinholes and one group of 4 pinholes and one plate-hole.

18-11-08, 13:43
My DVI port on my monitor has 24 holes and another hole which is like 3holes long, but its a bigger one.

18-11-08, 13:49
Can you post a photo?

18-11-08, 14:14
OH GOD. After just winging and complaining for some money to get the Xbox, I was told i'm getting a PS3 for christmas. LOL Ruined it for myself. She said Iwill have to get the cord myself as my grandma knows nothing about PCs etc.. LOL


Sorry its so low quality, the only cam I have at the moment is my phone. In the first pic, it says D-SUB and DVI.

I guess the subject is now changing to PS3 :p


18-11-08, 19:25
So you need DVI one :)

As for PS3, there are HDMI connectors... And there are various HDMI-to-everything ;) adapters out there.

19-11-08, 12:34
Yeah, I was looking at local shop websites and I havent come across a HDMI-DVI cable with 24pins, I guess it might be rare. They might actually be 24pin, but it doesnt actually say it. If not, maybe there are adaptors to convert a certain pin DVI to 24pin dvi.

19-11-08, 13:13
Actually if the "mother" connector has more pinholes than "father" connector pins, it's OK :) All the interconnections inside mthe adapters are standard, some pins are just paired. So use any HDMI-to-DVI adapter you like.

19-11-08, 13:24
OH Ok. I think I understand. So, if the Cable I get has like 16pins for example, it will fit. I get it haha. Im just hoping that thats all I will need, I'd hate to go play it and it wouldnt work. I cant remember if I asked previously, but Can you use the HDMI and AV OUT at the same time as my monitor doesnt have speakers itself, so I can use the AV OUT to connect to another audio imput (My speaker has Red and White input holes)

19-11-08, 13:32
Yes you can use PS3 like DVD-player: via HDMI goes the video stream to TV, via component/composite cable audio to Home Theatre system. All like Mark said :)

24-11-08, 12:46
Well, what im doing seems to change all the time :vlol: I convinced them to change the layby to an Xbox 360 and they decided to get it for me as a 'graduation' present rather than Xmas present, so sitting right next to me is a brand new 360 :D I also bought TRL just to practice with controls etc... and it looks AMAZING on my PC Monitor :D I plugged it into the normal TV just to see the difference, nothing changes much, it looks the same but it will probably be worse on TRU being on a TV. As I speak I am also torrenting the TRU 360 Demo (Perfectly legal apparently) So I hope I am able to play it when its done. apparently there are 3days left of the download :vlol:

So I thank everyone for their help :D