View Full Version : What would you do if there was a Tomb Raider Online?

TR cheatfinder
16-11-08, 15:26
Imagine if they created a Tomb Raider Online for PC, PS3, xbox 360, PSP and DS? Buy, Trade, Sell, Be Happy, Be Sad?:D

16-11-08, 15:43
I would not be amused.

You can't really have an MMO Tomb Raider, it just wouldn't work. A Tomb Raider FPS wouldn't be Tomb Raider, nor would a game which is entirely an RPG.
It's okay to have elements of the two, but Tomb Raider isn't either of them.

It's certainly not an RTS so you couldn't do it that way...

I don't really see how they could do it. I mean, I can see just about how they could do a co-op mode for the game, they'd just have to make puzzles which required simultaneous solving. But an online game really needs to be massively multiplayer rather than just two people at a time. It wouldn't work.

I'm not really overly fond of MMOs as it is since, while they may add a social element to gaming (which this forum does for Tomb Raider anyway :p), they take away from real game achievement. If you play a game and complete it then you get a sense of satisfaction, but if you play an MMO such as... I don't know, WoW for example, you don't really get the same level of satisfaction having just completed a quest that someone else literally just completed two minutes before you, and you saw them do it. I know, I know that the same thing could be said for millions of people playing a game even if it's not online but my point is that you still get more satisfaction playing a game if you don't have to wait for some enemies to respawn after someone just killed them to complete a quest so that you can kill them to complete a quest. I mean, logically speaking... what kind of old man in a church sends millions of people on exactly the same quest? Where does he get all that money to reward everyone who completed the same quest with the same money and items? What's the point of it all? It just doesn't make sense.

MMOFPSs... you kill people, a lot. Okay, good for you. What now? Oh, you want to capture a flag? Fine, that's nice. Defend bases now? Okay... but what else do you do? Surely there's got to be some sort of a point other than to inflate your ego by claiming how many people you 'teabagged' in Halo 3 last week? Surely you've actually got to achieve something? You say that it's about fragging n00bs? Really? So you spend all your time playing a game so that you can insult and obliterate people who are new to the game and might actually want to try and get better? Right... you're clearly a nice person.

Of course, this is all my personal opinion and is not directed at anyone in particular (okay, that's a lie, some of it is directed toward certain people I've played in online games and have no real sense of decorum or decency, let alone any manners), nor is it intended to cause offence to anyone who likes MMOs. I have nothing against the people who play WoW, it was just the first MMORPG that came into my head.

Oh, sorry for the rant. :p

16-11-08, 15:43
i wouldnt buy it i dont like online games, and im happy with the fact tomb raider isnt goin online anytime soon. Its a single player game for a reason.

Agent 47
16-11-08, 15:47
i agree. TR doesn't lend itself to online given it's very genre and nature.plus i don't see the big deal with online. some games are suitable but TR isn't one of them

Lara Croft!
16-11-08, 16:27
If they turned it to online version, then a lot in the game's basic concepts and gameplay would change. I would play a Demo to see whether I like it, but as much as I follow the TR franchise, I wouldn't pay without trying as it could be a huge failure.
Plus, I think that there is no need for TR to be online.... It's neither 100% adventure nor 100% PRG.... It has many different aspects, most of which would have to be sacrificed in order to go online.

16-11-08, 16:31
Play it to see if I enjoy it and if the concept works.

If it does then yey, if not then ney.

16-11-08, 16:35
I would pass the day just like any other day.

16-11-08, 16:42
I don't like the idea of online gaming, or rather, I haven't even tried it once in my life because it is so unappealing to me. So I simply would pass this one as well.

16-11-08, 16:55
I'd play it but I don't like the idea for TR in particular. I'd rather see an offline TR spin-off with another character doing the tomb raiding.

Sir Croft
16-11-08, 16:57
I'd probably give it a try, but wouldn't play much. I don't even a clue on how it would work. :p

16-11-08, 17:14
Just too weird of a concept for TR. It's supposed to be from the perspective of a single player.

16-11-08, 17:15
Pass on it.


lara croft TR
16-11-08, 19:44
OMG!!!! how it soupose to be???? see more Laras in each level that cooperate or fight with each other?????? I think it's a little bit crazy...... but funny and freaky!!!!

Candee Sparks
16-11-08, 19:45

16-11-08, 19:45
Play it I would. :p

16-11-08, 20:40
I'd enjoy it just as much as Super Mario Bros. Online.

16-11-08, 20:43
Imagine if they created a Tomb Raider Online for PC, PS3, xbox 360, PSP and DS? Buy, Trade, Sell, Be Happy, Be Sad?:D

What do you mean "online"? MMO? Play in smaller groups, such as all normal online FPS games? Cooperative or competitive? (And don't say anything about leaderboards. That's not online) With what you have, all I can say is "I have no idea".

Whatever it is, I guess I would try it for a little while, but the nay-sayers here are partly correct: It's extremely difficult to pull this off. And how much do we trust Crystal Dynamics to pull of new and unexpected ideas?

16-11-08, 20:44
It be difficult to imagine... having 10000 people have the same artifact.

Also, some MMO's let you explore Tombs anyway, so it wouldnt exactly be that original.

16-11-08, 22:08
it would be an epic failiure.

16-11-08, 22:13

16-11-08, 22:15
The Legend multiplayer worked well and I still say an online version of that would be great :).

EDIT: So, in other words, I'd love it if it was done well.

16-11-08, 22:19
I'd give it a go, then pass judgment. But how would it work?

16-11-08, 22:29
Time trials with leaderboards would work, I suppose. I'm not sure how else you could do it.

da tomb raider!
16-11-08, 22:32
I don't like the idea of online gaming, or rather, I haven't even tried it once in my life because it is so unappealing to me. So I simply would pass this one as well.

Same here (although I have played a few games online before).