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16-11-08, 16:28
Hey, could anyone tell me the main concept of overclocking a videocard? I wonder if I could do it just for TRU. And does it make much of a difference in the long run?

Thank you in advance.

16-11-08, 17:02
It involves setting the clock speed in MHz to higher than factory settings so the card can run through processes slightly faster.
By doing this, you increase the heat output of the chip, thus running the chance of damaging your card.
The (barely noticeable) performance gains are not usually worth the risk.

17-11-08, 06:52
^ All true.
If you tell us the exact model of your video board, we can try to provide you some semisafe solution though.

19-11-08, 04:45
I have 512MB 8600GT...

So the overall change in performance is not that noticeable?

Dell Boi
20-11-08, 23:41
Don't let them put you off lol, if you have adequte cooling you can easily push 15% extra out of a single card, and if you have an SLi setup you can expect 10 FPS increase on average. The 8600 is a decent card, use ntune if you want to change clock speeds on it seeing as though you are new to it.

21-11-08, 06:55
^ Direct cooling will help you not to fry your board completely (if you don't push it too much) only, it won't eliminate glitches if some occure as the consequence of overclocking. 15% boost is hardly believable actually.

BoyTRaider, all I can say - consider all pros and cons before making any decission... cause neiter Dell Boi nor anyone else but you will pay for the new video board if it gets fried "accidentally". Neither anyone will pay for new cooling system/etc (which can be more expensive than video board upgrade in some cases).

Dell Boi
22-11-08, 01:44
Don't think I'm arguing with you in loads of threads btw lol, I like having another tech-head to discuss things like this with. :p

How can you say a 15% increase isn't belivable? Why not? Do you know that the latest forceware drivers increase performance in Far Cry 2 by 38%??? Now ask yourself if a SOFTWARE update can add an extra 20 frames to the same hardware...why can't overclocking bring back similar results if done the correct way?

22-11-08, 03:51
I might or might not do it... I have a laptop so it would be easier for the video card to fry, I guess. Although I do have a cooling system for this laptop though.

22-11-08, 15:52
@ Dell Boi: If it brings some boost to one application it doesn't mean it'll bring it to all of them. Do you know about hardware specific optimisation, and particularly about optimization used to inflate benchmark results (i.e. "dirty" optimization)? It's also the matter of this "optimization" cost...