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19-11-08, 05:34
I never been here before :S

I restar my computer then 2 minutes after login in windows xp, a problem happen (never happen before) a msg appears saying explorer.exe need to be closed and say to me save my progress etc..

And I click "ok" so it shut down and back... so It happens again after 1 minute
This never happen before, and when it will open again something weird appear saying it will be open my configurations ( i think is the aplications etc, If it happen again I'll try to get a ss)

So the problem is
I restart my pc, the explorer.exe erro appear, it shut down, and open again or not, and if open again the same error appears and back to "normal"...

How to fix it and what it could be?

(I din't found any supecious thing, just some programs that never open before, like a program from my nokia cellphone)

shut down = close

19-11-08, 05:49
Disable DEP (http://www.tombraiderwiki.com/index.php/DEP) service.

Then run ARDiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe) and post the report here.