View Full Version : does it feel like tomb raider? *some spoilers*

20-11-08, 07:41
well ever since ive got the game ive been playing nonstop, and the gameplay seems to just go by very easily. so far the only thing interesting was the scene with the doppleganger (EPIC!!) everything else just felt like it happened too fast......especially the scene with amanda and natla...:o so to any1 else who had played the game yet, does it feel like tomb raider to you? btw i just barely made it to the arctic levels, so no spoilers beyond that point please......:o

20-11-08, 07:55
Yes it does.... more then Legend thatīs for sure.

20-11-08, 08:13
Okay, there is nothing comparable to the Classics for me. In all its outdated, pixelated glory, it's still fun and encompasses the "feel" of TR (however you wish to define that).

However, I admit that Underworld does bring back a few memories and is massive leap from the ridiculousness that is Legend.

20-11-08, 09:57
Yes, absolutely.

Mr Boldman
20-11-08, 10:14
Yes it does.... more then Legend thatīs for sure.

That's good, because I love Legend. :jmp: