View Full Version : How long did it take to install TRU (PC)

20-11-08, 12:59
How long did it take everyone to install TRU. It seems like a very long time before mine was installed. Maybe it was my DVD, I had problems earlier that I had to reinstall the drivers for it.

I think mine took over 45 minutes to install?

20-11-08, 14:13
What are your System Specs? (CPU, RAM, HDD space, Video Card etc) ?

20-11-08, 14:44
Took me twice to install. The first time my comp froze after an hour and fifteen minutes. (mouse wouldn't move and had to give the 3 fingered salute to quit out of TE:U's install page)

The second install took about an hour and five minutes.

I've played up till the room right before Thor's glove and now I'm getting Blue Screens of Death with an ATI driver warning.

System Specs: Core 2 Duo 6700... ATI 4850 Graphic card... 2 Gigs memory... Sound Blaster audio card... Samsung 16x DVD player/burner... Win XP Pro service pack two.

20-11-08, 15:01
About half an hour. After all 7GB is a lot when being read from a slow ass DVD.

20-11-08, 15:25
Thats what I am thinking, I have a slow USB DVD, oh well its loaded.

Dell Boi
20-11-08, 23:37
About 10 min, but I got it directly from another machine lol.

21-11-08, 06:49
About 10 min, but I got it directly from another machine lol.

Please more specific on this subject now :mis: