View Full Version : Tomb raider does not recognize the control of PS3 (with BtSix 1.5c)

20-11-08, 18:02
It does not recognize me the control. I give him to the option but does not enable it. Can you solve it like?

20-11-08, 18:03
It's not compatible. Sorry.

Legend of Lara
20-11-08, 18:04
It's not compatible. Sorry.

But the 360 is. Tch. :rolleyes: Favoritism...

Can you set up the controls manually?

20-11-08, 18:34
But is it supposed that it acts as the control of xbox not? By means of the xinput function.

20-11-08, 21:12
You should be able to use any controller that you have drivers for on your PC. If it works in other games it should work in TRU as well. You will need to enable it in the gamepad menu, and maybe map the buttons yourself.

20-11-08, 23:23
I have tried connecting it directly for usb and if it me recognizes it, but if I use the PPJOY to be able to use the bluetooth it does not recognize it :S But I can with other games...

Dell Boi
20-11-08, 23:33
You can use it on the PC version...you plug it in and it says Playstation 3 controller in the game options....

21-11-08, 06:44
1. Check if it has proper drivers installed and configured in Control panel > Gaming devices.

2. If still no recognition, try Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip) application.

21-11-08, 08:55
If I connect it by usb, in Control Panel > Game Devices me recognizes it like \\\"PS3 Controller\\\" and the tomb raider also. But if I connect it by bluetooth using PPJoy and BTsix, in Control Panel > Game Devices me recognizes it like \\\"PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1\\\", but the tomb raider does not recognize it. With other games i don't have problems.

Using xpadder or joy2key yes works,but is not the same.

21-11-08, 09:11
Can you connect via USB and show me the TRU Joystick settings screenshot?
What options exactly don't work? Or all?

21-11-08, 09:59
The ps3 controller is not officially supported by Windows.. the tools to make it work are all 3rd party and therefore we cannot guarantee they will work in games. MS made an official driver for the 360 wired controller thats why it works so easily. If Sony did this then it would work immediately as the game only cares about the controller being properly registered and working in Windows. (Game will need have to keys manually assigned as we had no way to map the controller automatically)

21-11-08, 11:33
http://fotosupload.com/mini/FuD59927_usbps3.jpg (http://fotosupload.com/mostrar.php?imagen=FuD59927_usbps3.jpg) USB,YES WORKS

http://fotosupload.com/mini/FuD59929_bluetooth.jpg (http://fotosupload.com/mostrar.php?imagen=FuD59929_bluetooth.jpg) BLUETOOTH,NO WORKS

http://fotosupload.com/mini/FuD59928_panel-control.jpg (http://fotosupload.com/mostrar.php?imagen=FuD59928_panel-control.jpg)
TRU does not recognize the virtual joystick created by ppjoy :( Than rare,because the other games yes recognize it.

21-11-08, 11:35
Same as MS wireless doesnt work.. Its something to do with Wireless and Windows.. not much we can do about that am afraid

21-11-08, 11:53
i think its all to do with branding like the usb gamepad i use for my pc works on my ps3 but my ps3 gamepad doesnt seem to wanna work on my pc
btw nice site with the woman

07-12-08, 16:45
Some one, can resolve this issues?

Me neighter cann't get the play station 3 pad work on tomb raider underworld!!!

07-12-08, 17:03
I can resolve this issues

on PPJOY use this configuration:


and on the game, activate the gamepad, and the the axis for the camera

that all.