View Full Version : Framerate issues

21-11-08, 20:25
Im not sure if its the camera's crazy bouncing around or whether there is actually serious framerate issues but can this sort of thing be solved with a download patch, im ps3 btw. The camera is the only thing that niggles slightly but this game is awesome none the less

21-11-08, 20:31
Smooth framerate is a threesickstee 360 exclusive.

(It had to be said)

21-11-08, 20:32
good answer, thats never gonna get old (until the DLC is released and i die a little inside)

21-11-08, 20:33
Well actually, many have reported framerate issues on the PS3, so it might actually be a 360 exclusive. But I haven't played either version myself, just repeating what those who have, have said.

22-11-08, 00:29
Well, the camera doesn't bother much to me so far (I am stuck on Krakens room :o ), but the framerates are killing me , really, it is terrible :hea: above all when Lara jumps from a lower legde to an upper one , it is quite choppy :hea: I can't get used to it .

I am playing on PS3 .