View Full Version : Recommend me a cookbook for my 14 years old sister

22-11-08, 02:27
My little sister's birthday came and went, and I still haven't given her present! I'm a bad brother! :D

Partially the reason is that I can't never make up my mind on what to give her. Since I've been away form home and returning only shorts period of time, I don't really know her interests anymore. What she likes, what she dislikes. And being a teenager, this may change overnight! :D

But according to my mom, she likes to bake. And everything she bakes turns out so good. I've tasted her layer cakes once and it was heavenly. Granted, she's just starting but I admit it my sister got the skills! :D

So it gave me an idea to give her a cookbook for her VERY late birthday present. A baking cookbook. One that's simple enough but not too dumbed down for a not so beginner and a teenager. Anybody got any ideas? :)