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22-11-08, 20:01
Hi, I just installed TRU, and so far am very excited, until now though. I am using a Joytech gamepad, and although i have all my buttons congfigured & working ingame just how i like them atm, I cannot enjoy the game, as i cant seem to set my right thumbstick to be able to pan the camara angle around, as i cannot ses a thing thats going on around Lara, which is annyoing.

Please help,

1)is there actually a way to pan the camara ?

2)any idea how to configure it to my gamepads right tumbstick ?


22-11-08, 20:03
It's disabled by default. So go to the settings to enable it and you'll be able to pan.

22-11-08, 20:04
ooH! I FOUND IT! gamepad axis - rudder % throttle. thank you so much, i was messing with the wrong setting.