View Full Version : Best Antivirus for new laptop?

23-11-08, 03:11
I just bought a new laptop and am looking to get some decent antivirus software.

Previously i have used the FREE AVG program. Is this sufficient? Or should i think about paying for a full version?

And which antivirus do people recommend? (AVG? Norton? McAffe? etc)

Thanks :-)

23-11-08, 03:38
I wouldn't touch Norton if you paid me.

AVG free should do you fine. Why pay for extras you don't particularly need?

23-11-08, 03:40
Cool ! Thought as much :-)

AVG Free did me well for four years at university so i guess i'll stick with that !

And i use LAVASOFT Adaware for anti-spyware... so unless i hear otherwise i'll use that aswell !

Thanks again Neteru !

23-11-08, 03:47
This isn't necessary really since you already have been told. But, Do not touch Norton or McAffee. Ever. Ever!

AVG Free 8.0 should serve your needs beautifully now. Lavasoft Ad-Aware is also a superb program to use. As is Spybot Search & Destroy. My first choices :tmb:

Feather Duster
23-11-08, 03:48
Well, the best is Kaspersky, which is $60. But AVG free works fine. :)

23-11-08, 03:51
I have ESET and it's very powerful to remove viruses but I use desktop. :)

23-11-08, 10:33
If you can afford paid solution, then go for - Kaspersky Antivirus for File Servers (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=126951) :tmb: - compatible with ZA firewall (and most others).

23-11-08, 15:12
I want to let ppl know that AVG is no longer the prime scrubber it used to be, they have added a lot of stuff to the program that makes it a memory bloat and I recomend Antimalwarebytes Anti Malware, which also has a free version for deep cleaning and PC Tools for daily protection. The change in AVG came with 7.5 and was definite with 8.0 indeed AVG now gives false positive for some modern game exe.s and deletes them thus making those programs inoperable. I am a game researcher and use my system constantly so i have to be on the alert. Kapersky is super good too.