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Soma Holiday
23-11-08, 15:34
I've never purchased overseas and I am trying to figure out the exchange rate if these are euros. I think that symbol means Euros' but I am not 100 percent.


Thanks so much!!

23-11-08, 15:35
Are you kidding me? Let me guess you're American? They're British Pounds :whi:

Soma Holiday
23-11-08, 15:36
Yes, I am American. :o

23-11-08, 15:37
lol :)

Soma Holiday
23-11-08, 15:40
Well I have my answer. If anyone wants to close this now they can...

that way no one else will see my American Incompetence...:p lol

23-11-08, 15:41
Oh and I wouldn't buy if your exchanging from dollars to pounds. Pounds is alot more expensive to use if you get me. I think the conversation rate from pounds to dollars is something like 1:2 dollars. For example if you want to convert 6 (price of 20 cigarettes) it'd be something like $11/12. I'm using this example to show how expensive it is.

23-11-08, 15:42
For easy conversion of exchange rates, go to:


Soma Holiday
23-11-08, 15:43
Yeah...I saw that. It's like 70 dollars for 2 shirts. lol I don't think I will be getting them...the shipping is SUPER high aswell.

Thanks for the help! :)

Mad Tony
23-11-08, 15:46
You could've just copied and pasted the symbol and put it into Google :p

This is the Euro by the way: €

Gianni Bartoli
23-11-08, 15:50
Don't you have a symbol on your keyboards? We have a $ symbol. :confused:

Soma Holiday
23-11-08, 15:51
lol. I thought about that, but for some reason when I have a general question, my mind goes here first and foremost. :p

You guys should just stop being so efficent. lol.

Gianni- I'm American...so I have the $ too...;)

23-11-08, 16:20
Don't you have a symbol on your keyboards? We have a $ symbol. :confused:

I guess the $ is something that's on the keyboard on the 4 key by default, since prehistoric times. :p
We have the € here, no pound symbol, but we do have the $. :)

23-11-08, 16:26
I have all €, , and $ in my keyboard :) And better not buy those shirts :p

23-11-08, 17:17
Since the question has been answered I close this as requested by the topic starter.