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23-11-08, 20:21
Right okay... I want to connect my TV, DVD Player, Freeveiw Box & PS3 to my Hi-Fi Stereo, but the Hi-Fi only has one Phono cable input.

The other equipment has its own phono output. Now that adds up to 4 phono cables coming out...

Is there anyway I can connect all of these devices to my Hi-Fi to get surround sound?

Thanks for any help! :)

23-11-08, 20:35
Sorry, what's a phono cable? :o

23-11-08, 20:38

one of these

23-11-08, 21:23
those are actually "component cables".

I suggest you go to you local electronics dealear such as radio shack or circuit city and ask them if they have any A/B switches (or A-B-C-D in your case) so that you can connect all 4 devices in to IT, then the output of the switch will go to the input of the receiver. You will select which device you want to hear in stereo by pressing the proper button (or turning a knob) on the A/B switch.

23-11-08, 21:37
^ Yup, exactly. Keep in mind - one device at a time :)

23-11-08, 22:00
thanks guys! :hug: