View Full Version : x800xt crashes

24-11-08, 03:31
Game played peferfect for over a year now, upgraded to an x800xt from a geforce 5 series, now the game crashes after the intro movie is played. I can play the croft manor, Tomb raider anniversary works perfect as well, I have all the latest drivers installed, the 1.2 patch installed, various different graphics settings, and have already tried to disable DEP. Any other tricks?


24-11-08, 19:45
Since you've already tried all the general possible solutions, I think it's best to hand you over to the Tech Support folks for a more detailed analysis. Moving thread to tech support.

24-11-08, 19:49
Run please Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report here.

28-11-08, 16:42
I went back to the ATI 8.10 drivers as opposed to the 8.11, now the game only crashes at random times. the VF700CU cooler seemed to help stability as well. Will run report when I get home