View Full Version : TRU Complete Official Guide - is it for Wii too?

27-11-08, 10:14
I was wondering if anyone has bought or has flipped thru the Piggyback TRU Official Guide? If so, I am wondering if it can be also applied to the Wii version of the game, as on the back of the book, it says it can be used for PS3, xbox 360 and PC.

or, if someone has the inside scoop!, will a Wii version of a guide come out soon? Just like it did for Anniversary (much later :().

The book is sooooo pretty :)!

27-11-08, 10:36
I do not know but I don't think so. 'Cause Wii has so many different features than the "normal" consoles and PC. So I think they will do an own Walkthrough Guide for Wii ^^

27-11-08, 11:43
It's just for the main versions - PC/PS3/Xbox 360, sorry man. :( I have it.

27-11-08, 11:44
At least in the Piggyback version of the guide I have - no WII. Only PS3/ XBox 360/PC.

27-11-08, 11:52
Oh Bummer!!! It was hopeful thinking. Piggy betta get a Wii/DS version out, QUICK! :p

Thanks for the responses!

If anyone knows when and if they will come out with a Wii/DS version, please post here! :D