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Light a Flare
27-11-08, 20:28
Hi :wve:

I have been having issues with texture sounds now for a countless number of months and I have never been able to get them to work. I am using the 128x128 Anniversary Greece textures from larashome. After clicking on the texture sounds button, I select the group of textures I want to add sound to (on this occasion it's sand) and then click on the appropriate sound file (sand)...but it still does not work!

Do I need to select each 128x128 as individual blocks when adding sounds because at the moment I am just selecting all 4 128x128 textures and setting them to sand?

I cant understand what it is that I am doing wrong! :hea:

Any help appreciated,


27-11-08, 20:47
Do you use V50 prj? :)

27-11-08, 20:48
Is your project a version 50 (v50) or version 49 (v49)? If it is 49 (i.e you haven't converted it yet) then that's probably your problem. The texture needs to be one tile and not four when it comes up in the adding sounds box.

You can convert the project with the map converter which comes with the NGLE.

Light a Flare
27-11-08, 20:48
No..it's only v49

Light a Flare
29-11-08, 14:51
How do I make it V50?

I tried with map converter, but it just made all the textures a lot lower quality and replaced a load with empty black spaces. :confused:

29-11-08, 16:51
That's fine, just reload your old .tga file and you're good to go. When it converts it also makes a backup of your old tga so just use that one from now on.

Light a Flare
29-11-08, 19:33
It still doesnt work...and I keep getting error messages about 67 textures being already 128x128 and then a message after opening the project saying that 13683 isn't a multiple of 64...textures not replaced. :confused: