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28-11-08, 20:16
Every one would start of with 0 (zero) points.......

Change only one letter from the post above you and make a new word.

Example: if the post above says WILD, then u might say "WELD" or "WIND" or "WILT" etc ....... and add +7 points to your score.......and so on.......

and if u cant think of a word (despite trying hardest), u would have to "change one letter and add one letter" for example if you cant think of anything then u would do "WINDY" (this came from changing one letter "l" (from wild) and adding "y" to it. and by doing so, u will loose 7 points (even if you have zero points, it will become -7 in this case).

and the maximum allowed word lenght is seven, so u cannot add any more letters then and have to continue by only changing one letter as long as u can sustain.......

hope this makes sense.......:o
ask any quesitons if u dont understand something...;).
>>> and be nice with your words.......:smk: <<<

so i will start.......

MAN (so my points: 7)

P.S: and why 7 u ask?? coz thats my lucky number....:D

EDIT: As suggested by spikejones.......

WORDS CANNOT BE REPEATED AT ALL. EVER, therefore, u have to type a list of words done before.......

thanks spikejones :tmb:

28-11-08, 20:26

and might I add in a suggestion or two as well?
no going back to the same word as the person who posted previous to the word you are responding to:

For instance:

-would be wrong

Actually I think this should hold true for the entire last 2 pages. So if a word has be used in the previous two pages already, you can not use it again. (this will keep the mod (you know who you are) from shutting this one down for repetitive words like when I made a similar game).

Another idea I have is the following:
If the person above you changed the FIRST letter of the word, you may not change the FIRST letter of the word, but must change a different letter.

-would be wrong.

-is acceptable.

Violations of the above should be punishable by death.
errr... I mean by a negative 7 points each.

Just a suggestion.

I hereby declare my point standing to be 7

28-11-08, 20:54
Words cannot be repeated, so just to endorse the rules, i will play again....

FAN is my word (and my points 14)

list of words played previously:
Man, Can

28-11-08, 23:21
Enough games we have. Try those you must.