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tlr online
30-04-04, 07:29
Heavy rains in northwestern Arkansas and south central Missouri are beginning to cause flooding downstream in northeastern Arkansas. The White River, a tributary of the Mississippi River, appeared flooded in this true-color Aqua MODIS image acquired on April 27, 2004. Blue patches of water line the river, which is barely visible in a rollover image acquired just ten days earlier (roll your mouse over the image to see the April 17, 2004 Terra MODIS image). On the right side of the image, the Mississippi River forms Arkansasí eastern border with Tennessee. Missouri is visible along the top of the images.

In addition to two children being swept away by floodwaters, local rice and corn crops could be lost if the flood levels don't recede in the next few days. Arkansas rice growers plant over a million acres a year.


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01-05-04, 06:50
:( yes, it's been awful here lately. Fortunately for me, the area I live in is not one that flooded, I feel so bad for those who have lost so much.

01-05-04, 06:51
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