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tlr online
30-04-04, 09:18
Pierce Brosnan is offering his support to Quentin Tarantino as the Pulp Fiction director bids to take over the James Bond franchise. Tarantino is an unlikely favorite to take charge of the next Bond film after making his love of 007 known to the series's producers. And, after meeting with the maverick director, Brosnan insists Tarantino would be a perfect choice to direct Casino Royale, which was filmed as an unofficial Bond spoof starring David Niven in 1967. He says, "Quentin and I met and he is a huge Bond fan. He wants to remake Casino Royale. I don't know if it's ever going to happen. What Tarantino would bring to the film is life, and just a great sense of excitement and danger, and the perspective of a film-maker who has really made people sit up and watch his movies. He's got a cutting edge, which we got with the last Bond film, Die Another Day - with Lee Tamahori's sense of flair. Someone like Quentin would be magnificent."

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30-04-04, 16:22
Oh, I disagree, tlr. I'm a massive Bond fan, but I think part of what makes the series great is the occasional shake-up of the formula (Moore to Dalton etc). I'd love to see what Tarantino could do, especially with Brosnan.

30-04-04, 18:08
i disagree
Tarentino is a legend at making films and i think it will be a wicked film! :D

30-04-04, 18:54
im agreeing w/ tlr on this.

no way :(

01-05-04, 11:21
I'll see the movie before making a judgement, but my opinion is that QT would screw up the best and most successful movie franchise ever.

01-05-04, 11:25
I tend to agree with you Draco. I like bond and QT films, but I think QT would bring much of his unique style into an established gendre.