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03-12-08, 21:48
I played through the game on the Hardest difficulty setting, with the player tailoring set so it made things as difficult as possible (like i'm sure lots of other people did) but i'm sorry, the game was EASY!

The Puzzle design was great, i loved them. They brought the "wow" factor to the game, in my opinion, because they were so big.

When people say they got that Classic feeling back, i can see what they mean in some ways. To me, the Underwater levels were great! I loved the size of the Enviroments too. These things were done well.

But in terms of difficulty, it was a piece of cake! :(

03-12-08, 21:51
The tigers were annoying on hard setting, and i was annoyed there was no cover system for the ship level coz the mercs took a while, i haven't fought the thralls yet on difficult, but i expect them to be a piece of cake, like on normal, smash to bits :).

03-12-08, 21:53
Speak for yourself !

03-12-08, 21:55
Of course the difficulty settings only really affect combat, unfortunately.

03-12-08, 21:55
I'm on Jan Mayen Island on MASTER SURVIVALIST for my second playthrough and the game really isn't difficult at all.

After your first playthrough, you pretty much remember how to solve all the puzzles anyway, and the enemies are providing little in the way of anything even close to being a challenge.

... Still fun though.

03-12-08, 21:56
Speak for yourself !


03-12-08, 21:58
I agree!!! I agree!!! combat still was too easy even on hardest possible settings, we should be able to turn off the relic health bonus!!

And set a maximum of the amount health packs we could carry, ex: max 1 health pack :)

What annoys me is that Lara survives combat easily now because she has soo much health :hea:...but really... she should survive combat because her acrobatic skills. :cool:

03-12-08, 22:05
Speak for yourself !

Even on the hardest settings, there are plenty of Health packs around. The only enemies to give you any trouble are the Animals, but the trick is to keep jumping around from left to right like any other Tomb Raider :)

The Humans are dumb, let's be honest, lol. You can stand right in front of them and they still wouldn't shoot at you! :p

03-12-08, 22:18
I thought the game was hard. Just me though. Not to mention I'm not much of a gamer, the only games I really have played are these TR games and the BloodRaynes. So yeah I don't have that much experience.

Underworld is especially hard when compared to Legend, at least that's from my point of view. But to each of his own, I guess.

03-12-08, 22:22
I played on Master Survivalist with all help turned off and using only pistols. The combat was easy until I got to the second ship. The mercs there were difficult and I died a good few times. I couldn't just jump and shoot (or even simply stand there shooting) like I'd been doing up till then.

Then I realised I could use the hammer... I don't know if that was a good thing or not though because Lara then became virtually invincible with that thing in her hand. And it was just so tempting to use it rather than battle things out properly.

Lara's home
03-12-08, 22:29
Only thing that I had problems with was Naga and Humans, and boy did I love it! :D
But after the first 2 levels, it was sort of easy.
Adrenalin dodge makes it waawy to easy :/