View Full Version : Have you ever been stood up/stood someone up?

04-12-08, 03:20
Everyone was telling m eto ask this pretty lady out. They said she liked me, but I didn't notice that. So I got her number and asked her out for lunch. She said yes and sounded fine with it. So I showed up the next day at the restaurant waiting for her with a red rose. 15 minutes went by, then a half hour, then 45 minutes. Then I left. I think I put the rose in water at home, but then I chucked it, because it reminded me of her. What a rat!

Once I broke a date with a nice looking and nice girl in college. I don't even know why I did that. But at least I called her. But looking back, I'm sure she was hurt. It was one of the rudest, dumbest things I ever did. Boy, I wish I could have that one back.

Anyone one else do this or have it done to them?

04-12-08, 03:23

Every girl I have ever liked has stood me up.

No, I have not stood anyone up.


04-12-08, 03:35
^ Why do you think that is?

04-12-08, 03:51
Nope. I haven't been stood up, but I thought I did.

And I don't have the heart to stand anyone up; it's just plain mean and cruel.

04-12-08, 03:53
@IALC: Because girls do that a lot?

Though I've never been stood up by a girl, and I've never stood up anyone. But I know it's common. I'd hate to stand someone up. It's just cruel.

Evan C.
04-12-08, 03:57
For meeting my ex boyfriend I not only travel 1.500 kilometers,I waited on a totally unknown place for nothing more and nothing less than....7 hours
I know,I am an idiot...so people,don't meet a boy/girlfriend by internet.

04-12-08, 04:06
Ikas, my question was for Ben. I'm interested in knowing why he thinks that is, personally. For him.

Evan C: I've met plenty of boys and girls in person after meeting online. They've all been exactly who they said they were and they've become prominent persons in my life. I love them all dearly :D *coughJRBcough* :p

04-12-08, 04:36
Karma bit you in the ass WF.

04-12-08, 05:29
Yes, I've been stood up. I was 21 and it was by the only girl I'd ever met (online) who'd expressed any interest in me at that point in my life. I had no experience whatsoever, just innocent naivette. I don't even think I knew what being stood up meant. I took the train to Bridgewater to meet her at around 8:00, but when she didn't show up, I waited for a few hours, then went back to my rental room. I had no idea what happened or why, and I worried.

I was so naive, ignorant, and completely lacking in self-respect (or an understanding of what that constituted and why it was important) that I forgave her and continued my correspondence with her, and actually met up with her once and took her to a Nile concert with my friends (paying her way for everything, of course, and letting her wear my jacket when she didn't have hers), and then back to my room for the night.

She was too tired to put out as she said she would for a while (I had to buy her coffee and cigarettes to keep her awake most of the day), and the next day she said that she would have felt guilty taking my virginity away from me, because I was so "nice" or somesuch nonsense. She told me it all changed once she met me. Well, I don't miss her, and thinking back about it I just feel embarassed about how spinelessely I acted. I'd never do anything like that now, and I probably wouldn't cling to someone as ugly as her anyway.

I think standing people up is cruel and cowardly, and someone who does this without a valid reason isn't worth the time and effort to pursue. I've never stood anyone up and I would never want to, not that it matters to anyone. I don't go on dates nearly often enough anyway.

04-12-08, 06:55
I got stood up by my mother....in the carpark at school when I was 7 and she forgot to pick me up! Evil woman......:p

Otherwise no, if I'm not coming I give notice....it might only be 5min notice but I give it none the less, and I always have a good excuse!

If my boyfriend stood me up - which is pretty unlikely since we carpool everywhere - I'd probably assume something was wrong.

04-12-08, 11:00
Nope. Never been stood up and never stood anyone up. Height of bad manners, IMO :D

04-12-08, 11:35
yup chicks have stood me up


04-12-08, 17:36
So wait, does "standing someone up" mean you make a date and not show up, or just that you say no to a date/relationship request?
Not that I've done either, just wondering... Did happen to me though - online relationship, everytime I tried to meet the girl she came up with an excuse of somewhere she had to go. She lost her consistency in them after only a week, which is when the whole thing ended. When asked how many relationships I've been in, I don't count this one.

05-12-08, 05:11
No one's ever stood me up, & I've never stood anyone up :wve: ;)