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04-12-08, 20:20
This is probably one of a million alike threads, so I dont mind it being closed, moved or removed... the point is I have to say this, so here goes:

I just finished the game, as the title states...
And I was pleasantly impressed as the adventure unfolded. People spat venom in every which way about the bugs, glitches, cameras etc etc, but that didnt matter at all to me, as I really enjoyed myself!

My life is in a very fragile stage right now, I wont go into details here, but just this week of being able to delve into another Tomb Raider as excellent as this one was, was something I looked forward to every day.
Im not going to review the game at all, there are enough threads that do that.

Instead, Id like to THANK EIDOS and CRYSTAL DYNAMICS for their work.
While you guys really can't win 'em all, you certainly had me hooked.
Its been a tough competition between all TRs for me, in the past they've all lost out to my favourite one, TR4: The Last Revelation, except for Underworld, which now holds the top spot.

Thats it, a big THANKS to everyone involved :hug:

04-12-08, 20:27
Great to know you like it, I feel the same. :D

04-12-08, 21:04
Thanks for starting this thread! Also, I hope you get well soon!

Thanks Eidos and Crystal Dynamics for your work. I loved this game.

04-12-08, 21:10
Sometimes it is really good to lose yourself in a game. I was ill for past two weeks and playing TRU was a good way to forget about feeling bleugh! Glad it helped you and hope that life is picking up for you. :)

04-12-08, 21:14
I loved the game at the time. Infact, I still love it now. However, with the benefit of hindsight the game could have been a lot better than it was.

There were too few levels, there were too many silly little glitches that really shouldn't have been there.

I however, loved every minute of the game. I just wish there was more of it.

I had hoped that with the power of the next gen consoles, the Tomb Raider series might revert to it's former glory of the Last Revelation days. A game I will admit to have never completed because it was just too long. I recall completing around 60 levels, with another 40 still to go (if the strategy guide I was using was to be believed).