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lara croft TR
05-12-08, 16:50
so... I need some of Lara's replics or some funny monologs for a funny presentation or something like this

This is what I've done (a model of what I want) but it isn't very good(Lara seems to be very stupid):
"What the....... A guy with a French key in his hand?(like in TR2) Help!!!!
He's gonna kill me!!! He's gonna smash my head whit his French key!!! (Running around, screamin' and shootin' cowardly) Help! He's gonna..... (Lara shoots and she hears a scream of a person in pain) Wooooooooowwwww!!!! I killed him!!! I'm good or I'm very good??????

Any ideeas???? :tea::tea::tea:

And SORRY for my bad English!!!

05-12-08, 17:19
OF COURSE this belongs to TRA.

Tomb Raider Master
05-12-08, 21:24
Thread moved to General Chat section.

05-12-08, 23:26

Guess you had to be there. :wve:

05-12-08, 23:40

05-12-08, 23:48
Ok, I don't get it and by the looks of it neither does anybody else.
So, unless you actually understand what the topic starter wants and have a useful contribution towards it, do not post here, but let the thread die it's well deserved natural death.

05-12-08, 23:50
i think what he's (shes?) looking for are funny scenes featuring lara, like scenes taken from the game turned funny.