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05-12-08, 18:50
stealth elements
i know,i know.some of you are gonna be like urrrrgh not again but...
i was thinking about a level for a future game
it is set in a jungle in america somewhere and she has found a temple but as she is about enter she is knocked out by some poachers intersested in the temple. she is taken to their camp and her pistols and backpack are taken(she just has pistols,she only needs pistols,no uzis or shotguns,just pistols lol)anyway,she is put in a makeshift cell and has to sneak out and rely on climbing on pipes on the roof and rouching and sneaking around
waddaya think
plz be nice just an idea and you are open to your opinoins.
p.s:completly reworked system

05-12-08, 19:04
I don't mind it :)
At this stage, I think Tomb Raider should expand into different gameplay elements. Stealth would be a good one to implement. As long as it's not the main focus of the game, or used excessively. Half a level would be acceptable for me, and then maybe "moments" every other level.

It could also be part of the "Player Tailoring" if CD decide to use it again :D

05-12-08, 19:14
ye i agree i was thinking about lara just using it twice in the game and somehow mixing a small bit of it into gameplay like walking slowly and quietly on fragile surfaces like a crumbling roof of a tomb,i don't need lara gettin kidnapped and sneaking out every 2 mins.

lara walks up 2 tomb
Lara:(whistle) hmmmm (looks at watch)
2 hours later
lara is stood up sleeping
Lara:(snoring) wat poachers (looks around wildly) dammit
tiptoes into tomb

06-12-08, 03:32
I personally don't like it but maybe someone else will.

Ward Dragon
06-12-08, 03:35
I hate stealth, so if it is included then I want it to be optional rather than mandatory :)

06-12-08, 04:37
I hate stealth, so if it is included then I want it to be optional rather than mandatory :)

Same here, but I don't hate it:).

06-12-08, 04:41
This one fits in AoD Continuation. :wve: :)

06-12-08, 06:40
;)They would have to do it well, and make it look a bit different from AoD's.

06-12-08, 06:43
Meh, perhaps but Lara is more a guns blazing type of gal. She just charges into danger shooting first and asking questions later. :whi:

06-12-08, 12:44
Ummm no thanks. No sneaking about for me.

06-12-08, 12:47
Couldn't you write the topic in the thread title? Half the threads in the forums don't actually say what the topic is :rolleyes:

06-12-08, 12:50
I hate stealth. You screw up, you're dead without weapons. I hate that aspect of it. Thief was excellent because you could actually fight back.

Eddie Haskell
06-12-08, 13:03
I think that the so-called stealth aspects should simply be natural. Not a type of move or gimmick, just an environment that allows for the possibility of avoiding contact or conflict. Lara would not don a new pose and prance about (and a keystroke would not be required), she would simply utilize environmental elements that would possibly allow for her to remain hidden; just like you and I would do in her shoes. Lara would be able to use all of her normal "moves" to assist her in this.

For example, Lara must pass by some mercs to get to an underground passageway. On the left side are some vehicles and a small building. On the right side is a grassy area and a tree. The mercs are standing around in the center conversing. You could try one of three different methods to get there. You could move around the left side trying to use the large obstacles (and a slow, quiet walk) to sneak past, you could try a crawl through the grassy area, or battle your way through the mercs. All the time the mercs might detect you anyway.

06-12-08, 16:04
i never planned on it being a must i was thinking if it was optional

06-12-08, 16:09
I would like stealth.

Crystal Dynamics did plan smoke grenades for Legend but they never made the cut. And their sneaky walk move had no use either.

I prefer to avoid most of the enemies and use the tranquiliser gun when I can. Party because the combat system is miserable and party because I like to watch the tigers run around. The spiders can eat boot :mis: