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Tomb Raider Master
06-12-08, 00:41

Which TR game has the most replay value?

Poll requested by Tombcool.

06-12-08, 00:42
Tomb Raider Legend.

06-12-08, 00:44
Got to be TR1 for me, I could pick and play whenever. And have done countless times over the last 12 years.

Feather Duster
06-12-08, 00:45
Underworld for me. As i have only ever played TR II Legend, Anniversary, and AoD.... I think Underworld will catch my eye for a month at least :D

06-12-08, 00:46
I could play TR2 all day everyday i absoulty love it!

06-12-08, 00:49

Sir Croft
06-12-08, 00:51
All of them, except AoD and TRU.

Lara's home
06-12-08, 00:52
Has to be Legend. I have never replayed a game as much as Legend. :p

06-12-08, 00:53
Legend for sure, going back and looking for all the secrets and such... with other TR games I usually play it through once or twice and don't care about it anymore xD

06-12-08, 00:53
TR2. The first Tomb Raider game I played (11 years ago) and still my favourite :)

06-12-08, 01:36
That'd have to be TR3.. I can't STOP playing it :p.

06-12-08, 01:41
Definitely TRIII. It's so vast and there's nothing linear about it.

06-12-08, 01:47
Tomb Raider Legend, it's always such a fun game.

God Horus
06-12-08, 01:54
Got to be TR1 for me, I could pick and play whenever. And have done countless times over the last 12 years.

I agree, I've lost count of how many times I've played it. It's just one of those games you can do over and over, and never get tired of. :D

06-12-08, 01:55
TR legend :3

06-12-08, 02:22
The Dagger of Xian (TR2).

06-12-08, 02:36
I say TR4, because by the time you finish it you've already forgotten how to solve puzzles in the beginning of the game. It's that long. lol :p

06-12-08, 02:44
To be honest once I beat Tomb Raider 1-6 I never replay them until years later, Because Legend and Anniversary were more straight forward I played them non stop to find the rewards (especially Legend). I would replay Underworld but it doesn't have a replay level feature.

06-12-08, 02:44
Nothing beats the original

06-12-08, 02:58
I think TR3 has the most replay value...followed by TR2 and TR1.

TR4, TRA were really fun to play, but there many parts in those games that are frustrating that make me don't want to revisit them as much.

TRL has tons of replay value, but it lost its touch after like a year for me.

TRU has no replay value what-so-ever for me.

06-12-08, 03:18
I'd say Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld.

06-12-08, 03:19
TR1, i have no problem to replay it over and over again.

06-12-08, 03:20

06-12-08, 03:40
Anniversary and Legend for sure.

06-12-08, 04:25
TR4 The Last Revelation absotively posolutely! :tmb:

No other game even comes close. Completed it three times now and planning a fourth soon. It never dissappoints and always captivates my attention. Simply the best! :D :hug:

06-12-08, 04:29
I can play that game heaps of times.
Love replaying the Japan level.

06-12-08, 04:47
There's something about Legend and Underworld that I find immediately gratifying, even if they're (well, mostly Legend) not the most gratifying, period. As such, they are the games I find myself putting in and starting up most frequently, because sometimes I'm not sure if I want to play TR for very long, or I don't have much time. I just want to play it for a few minutes, and I get the maximum amount of enjoyment that I can from those games very quickly. Meanwhile, TR1 and AOD are the most satisfying, period, so I also play them a lot.

06-12-08, 04:49
TR2 - Dagger of Xian. In fact, I'm replaying it now :ton:

06-12-08, 09:15
TR1, TR2, and Legend. My favorites. :) :)

TR2 was my first and I played it over and over, plus Legend's unlockables will keep you going. :tmb:

06-12-08, 09:24
Tomb Raider 2, Legend and Anniversary.

dream raider
06-12-08, 09:27
TR3 and Legend to me. :)

06-12-08, 09:43
Chronicles and Legend for me:)

Tomb of Legends
06-12-08, 09:45
TR1, TR2 and Anniversary :wve:

06-12-08, 09:50
I replay all the games every so often but I think Legend has the most replay value for me. :)

Mad Tony
06-12-08, 11:13
Tomb Raider III

How is Legend winning? If anything that has the least replay value. :confused:

Alex Fly
06-12-08, 11:16
For me it's Legend. :tmb:

06-12-08, 11:20
The game with the most replay value used to be TRL, but after finding all of the artifacts and finishing everything the game had to offer, my interest kind of slipped a little.

On the other hand, AOD probably has the most replay value for me overall, since getting all the strength upgrades and accessing new areas is always more interesting than picking up a shiny object in TRL will ever be. :) *voted AOD*

06-12-08, 11:21
TR1, TR4, AOD. Can replay them for the nth time

Legend of Lara
06-12-08, 11:24
TR1, TR3 and AOD. :wve:

06-12-08, 12:45
I voted TR2, TR3, Legend & Anniversary. :wve:

06-12-08, 12:48
TR2 Definately. I swear I load up that game everyday.

06-12-08, 13:01
I just can't count how many times I played it,and never got bored.

only Croft
06-12-08, 13:42
It's Tomb Raider, they all have replay value ;P

06-12-08, 17:17
Tomb Raider Legend. Never get bored of it.

06-12-08, 17:21
For me it's TR1, TR2 and TR5 'cause they're my favourites and I simply love to replay them and Legend, which is not really among my favourites, but I have probably replayed it more than any other game. It's short, easy and fun - something you can complete in a free afternoon, not thinking about when will you have the time to comtinue playing it or will you get stuck anywhere.

06-12-08, 17:40
TR1, TR3, Last Revelation, Chronicles, Legend, and Underworld.

06-12-08, 17:48
Legend. Lol, I don't think I ever replayed any of the classic games after completion xD

TR2 Definately. I swear I load up that game everyday.
An what do you do?

06-12-08, 18:25
I especially love scaling the Tokyo buildings. :)

06-12-08, 18:29
All the classics and Anniversary;)

06-12-08, 18:52
Legend, replay value at it's best.

06-12-08, 18:57
All of them!
TR games never stop being fun.

06-12-08, 19:00
Hmm voted TR2 because that's the only one I've actually fully replayed (using only pistols and no health - this gets pretty impossible at the floating islands...), but seeing TRL on top makes sense: this one actually forced me to replay it to get all the goodies :p

06-12-08, 19:07
Mine's are probably TR3, Chronicles, AoD & Legend. :jmp:

TR3 was the first game I played, and it's soo vast, I always replay it. :) I don't know what it is about Chronicles, but I'm constantly replaying it (especially the Irish levels ;)) I love AoD for the storyline, and I think Legend speaks for itself. :D

06-12-08, 19:12

06-12-08, 19:15
It's always fun to replay it.:D

06-12-08, 19:18
I chose TR3, Legend and Anniversary.

TR3 had a secret "reward" level, not to mention you could experiment by alternating locations. (like seeing if you could bare Antarctica right after Nevada)

TR:L and Anni are obvious choices, they have costumes and such. Everyone wants to play TR:A again with the TR1 skin; come on, you know you do. :cln:

06-12-08, 19:28
TR1, TR:C, TR:AoD, TR:A:jmp:

Night Crawler
06-12-08, 19:55
Tomb Raider 4 is the one I've played the most from beginning to end.

06-12-08, 21:17
Based on how many times I have played it the answer for me is TR2. I think it is the most accessible game.

06-12-08, 22:15

06-12-08, 22:20
Legend is leading? What the bloody hell? :confused: Seeing as games from this genre don't have much replay value by definition, I guess it's down to Legend being so casual.

06-12-08, 22:21
Can't believe Legend is leading :yik:

I'd say TR2/3

da tomb raider!
06-12-08, 22:23
I voted for Tomb Raider III and Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Tomb Raider III because it's got a vast amount of varied levels, loads of secrets, a secret level, and the ability to replay levels.

And Tomb Raider Chronicles because, having an easier difficultly than previous Tomb Raider games, it's more accessable.

06-12-08, 22:27
Tomb Raider Legend
Together with TRU the best TR Game

Mad Tony
06-12-08, 22:30
You could probably beat Legend 100% quicker than you could beat Tomb Raider II just once.

06-12-08, 22:31
You could probably beat Legend 100% quicker than you could beat Tomb Raider II just once.

I think that's what made it so re-playable. Yeah, the gameplay was really linear and easy for a short time, but during that short time, it was enjoyable.

Mad Tony
06-12-08, 22:33
I think that's what made it so re-playable. Yeah, the gameplay was really linear and easy for a short time, but during that short time, it was enjoyable.It wasn't replayable for me. I've completed Legend just once since I got it in 2006. I've replayed the first three Tomb Raider games dozens of times since then.

07-12-08, 02:40
The Dagger Of Xian!! :D

07-12-08, 03:14
DEFINITELY "The Lost Artifact" (TR3 Gold).

07-12-08, 05:41
Wow. Legend, eh? Ok.... :rolleyes:

For me it's TR4, i've played the juice out of that game, and still i feel like exploring every time i play it.

young Lara Croft
07-12-08, 07:09
Oh my I voted for Legend! and discovered it's the most playable :o

07-12-08, 09:53
I've voted TR2, because that's the one I did replay most.

07-12-08, 11:49
Its not a poll which Tomb Raider game is your favourite... its a pool about which Tomb Raider has most replay value.

I picked Legend (TR7) because you actually get something cool for collecting secrets, and you can pick the levels you want to replay... etc.

07-12-08, 12:52
TR 4 for me, I love the atmosphere!

07-12-08, 13:48
Its not a poll which Tomb Raider game is your favourite... its a pool about which Tomb Raider has most replay value.

Problem is, I don't want to replay a game I didn't enjoy, barbie outfits awards or not.

For me the games with most replay value are TR2 and 3 because it's almost impossible to find all the secrets the first playthrough and because they are the best games in the series; also TR3 has multiple routes in many levels which one can explore the second time around. Then I added TR4 because it's the biggest one and it's even harder to find all the secrets in one sitting.

The secrets added enough replay value to the old games without the need for rewards because playing the games themselves was hard enough for it to feel like an accomplishment. I don't get that sense in the newer games.

07-12-08, 15:05
Underworld. Because you cant view the cinematics

07-12-08, 15:06

07-12-08, 15:14
The original trilogy has a lot of replay value. My vote goes to TR1. :tmb:

I can understand how Legend is at the top. The lack of difficulty and non-linearity make it easy for one to pop the game in when they're bored and play for the afternoon.

However, the great thing about the original trilogy is that they're not a simple solution when one's bored. I play them when I'm really in the mood to play a game over a span of several weeks and really enjoy myself. Legend is a brief adrenaline rush.

07-12-08, 15:42
Has to be TR1 and TR4 for me, the adventure never ceases! :)

07-12-08, 16:10
Tomb Raider Legend.

07-12-08, 16:44
Legend, but only because it was very easy to pick up and play and Adventures of Lara Croft because I love all the locations and everything always feels new when I play it.

07-12-08, 16:50
TR1 for me, I could play that for hours and hours:)

07-12-08, 16:51
TR1, TR2, TLR, TRC, and TRL all have amazing replay value. :tmb: