View Full Version : 16 Killed, 34 Hurt in Colombia Bus Crash

30-04-04, 19:00
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - At least 16 children were killed and 34 injured Wednesday when a large backhoe tumbled down a steep bank and landed on top of a school bus traveling along a Bogota highway, officials said.

Workers were towing the earth moving machine along an elevated section of road when it rolled off a ledge and plunged nearly 70 feet and struck the bus, the Bogota Health Ministry said.

The children aboard the bus ranged in age from 7 and 12. There were no immediate details on the conditions of the injured.

Bogota Mayor Luis Eduardo Garzon sped to the scene of the accident by motorbike to personally oversee rescue efforts.

About 100 emergency workers and police used heavy machinery to try to clear the mangled wreckage.

It was not immediately clear why the excavator tumbled off the road, though witnesses said the driver lost control of the vehicle.

On average, nearly 700 people die every year in traffic accidents in Bogota's congested roads, though more than half of them are pedestrians.

http://cdn.news.aol.com/aolnews_photos/0d/07/20040428225609990001 http://cdn.news.aol.com/aolnews_photos/00/02/20040429164509990019

tlr online
30-04-04, 19:32
Wow! That's terrible. Thanks for the info Celli.

30-04-04, 19:58
The picture on the left is kind of a bad one, but it's the best I could find of the crash area. The picture in the paper yesterday shows just how badly the bus was crushed.