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Mark Garcia
30-04-04, 19:02
I noticed now that Deano left the General Chat's moderator staff. Why?

tlr online
30-04-04, 19:10
Hello Mark. In order to provide around-the-clock help and support for our members, we've purged some of the less-active moderators. The majority of our members are from different time zones, so we're going to endeavour to provide the best support available for each time zone.

30-04-04, 19:10
Good question.

Edit/ Deano wasn't active? Looks like he posted here every day. Wasn't active mod-wise? You mean that you can only be a mod if you willingly abuse your mod powers?

Edit 2/ Not to mention he was voted into power by the members here.

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tlr online
30-04-04, 19:19
Evening Gecko. I'm not aware any of the current moderators have abused their powers.

30-04-04, 19:20
Howdy everyone.

There is nothing personal here. So Geck, please do not attack. We all do our job and we all try for the best. Gen Chat is the most active forum and we need mods that can handle the forum during the busy times (it's not only a chitchat) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

Topic closed.

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