View Full Version : Counting the days to Xmas!

06-12-08, 16:32
I'm counting down the days to xmas, :) so far it's 19, just asking....is anyone looking as if their in for a white christmas? :)

p.s Who's excited? :D

06-12-08, 16:41
No such thing as 'White Christmas' where I'm from. It'll be stinking hot down here.

I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll be a good one. I'm interested in what I'll be getting. I'm also interested to know if I'll be having holidays from work. I could go on a trip then. :D

06-12-08, 16:42
im exited, a little bit, seems the older you get the less exited you get untill that day or maby when we start getting presents under the tree, then ill be super exited.

06-12-08, 16:51
No white Christmas for us here either, and frankly, am not that excited about Christmas. We've never done anything exciting or out of the ordinary at Christmas except visiting my relatives and sitting there for hours talking, talking and talking, so am not expecting an unusual day this time.

06-12-08, 16:54
I used to be rather excited about christmas...now not so much,
Best thing is that i get to spend it with my family:hug: and for me ... going to church x-mas day;)

06-12-08, 16:54
I love your avatar Origonal :D

I am excited, but I can definitely wait. I actually like the anticipation and also once christmas comes it is over *snaps* like that.

06-12-08, 16:56
Well...it was supposed to be snowing where i'm from on Thursday for 12 hours, and all through the next day....everywhere else got it apart from where i stay....That's the wether forecast for u! :hea:

^ @oocladableeblah thank you! :)

06-12-08, 16:59
I'm pretty excited. It's snowing right now, too. :D We may have a white Christmas, instead of a wet one, this year.

06-12-08, 17:00
YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant wait!!!!!!

06-12-08, 17:02
I'm pretty excited. It's snowing right now, too. :D We may have a white Christmas, instead of a wet one, this year.

Even if it's frosty for me....i'll be happy! :)

06-12-08, 17:05
Even if it's frosty for me....i'll be happy! :)

Frost would be good :)
It actually frosted here once, but that was it. We don't get anything, hell it's still hot here in CA.

06-12-08, 17:21
I'm counting down the days to something completely different. Just 11 days left after this. :p

I'm a bit excited for Christmas since I wont be celebrating it alone this time. :) Dunno if it'll be white though.

06-12-08, 17:29
im always excited about Christmas, weather it's white or ehh.. rainy..
im already in Christmas mood, cant wait when we will decorate our tree, will meet with all the relatives, friends and will go to church on Christmas eve :cln:

Feather Duster
06-12-08, 17:37
Of course I'm exited! :D *see signature*

But, no white Christmas for us, Arizona is not nice.

06-12-08, 17:49
^Love the avatar XD "Xmas? whatever..."

Not fun! :ton:

06-12-08, 18:03
Hm im not excited but im sure it will be enjoyable :D and yes...MUST have a white christmas :(:p

06-12-08, 18:26
GAH! IM PHSYCHED!!!!!:jmp::D

09-12-08, 14:01
Im REALLY excited cause Im getting Underworld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yuuuuuuupy 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

09-12-08, 14:17
In the words of Stephen Colbert (http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/full-episodes/index.jhtml?episodeId=211983): "only 21 can't-afford-to-go-shopping days until christmas!"

Jack Croft
09-12-08, 15:50
I cant wait for Xmas!

TombRaider 95
09-12-08, 16:36
I can't wait either! 16 days!