View Full Version : I think my cat's being abused...

08-12-08, 14:12
Recently, my cat has been coming home full of scratches and torn off bits of fur after letting him out. He came back today soaking wet and his chest was bleeding. :(

I know that it isn't another animal doing this, as he's come home wet before and smelling different. Like another person. I think he may be going to another household and being abused by someone who lives there. What do you reckon I should do? Keep him indoors as a house cat? Or hope that he doesn't get hurt again?

08-12-08, 14:19
Hmm. Do you have any idea where your cat might go? Is there anyone in the area you think could be doing this? I'll be honest with you, I'm not sure how you can get around this. You could keep him in for a while to let him recover, but I don't think you could do it for long, though.

Thing is, if your cat is going to someone else's house, if he's being abused, why would he keep going back?

08-12-08, 14:25
Hm. I never really thought of that.

I'm not sure whether any one in my area would do this, but there are these two young kids who pick up cats and generally irritate them. I don't think they've ever hurt a cat before though.

I think I should keep him in to recover for a while, then let him back out in a few days. The thing is, he's always loosing his collar, no matter how tight it is so we thought maybe someone was taking his collar off and trying to keep him.

Someone over the road from us has a dog, but it's an old dog that wouldn't harm anything because it sleeps all day. I just don't want my cat being hurt or killed.

08-12-08, 14:26
are u sure it's not another animal? ur cat is a male, maybe he is fighting for his territory with other male cats? sometimes it can get really nasty, i've seen few male cats returning without one eye or ear :(

anyway, no matter what is the real reason, i think the best solution would be to keep him indoors :)

Nerd For Life
08-12-08, 15:23
Hmm, that's bad. :( My best advice it's to keep him indoors, but if he's used to be outside, I dunno for how long that would work.

08-12-08, 15:29
Let the cat recover, then him out and follow him.

08-12-08, 15:32
Maybe he is going into someone's garden and they are hitting him away as if he's a pest :(
You should probably follow him

08-12-08, 15:44
Let the cat recover, then him out and follow him.

Easier said than done. It's quite hard to follow a cat. And I don't think everybody would be fond of finding you in their garden with the excuse that your cat is being abused and you follow it :p.

But seriously: This is really bad and I don't see any real solution. Keep him inside for the next few days and maybe take him to the vet. When he's fine again let him out. And if he keeps coming home with wounds and you really are sure that he's being abused than you should go to the police.

Fdx Croft
08-12-08, 15:49
Awww... Thats sad... I think that maybe those injuries are because of their "fights"... I wouldnt let him go out for a days... Be very careful... It would be very sad to lose him...

PS: my cat has been sick for the past 2 days... but now hes getting better ;)