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08-12-08, 19:11
Does anyone know any program or How i can add a Santa Hat onto lara's head on this pic? http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo186/Weemanply109/screen14Copy-1.jpg
If you know how to do it with photoshop can you tell me how to do it? I have Photoshop but i don't know how to use it very well, still learning :p

Thanks For Any Help :D

08-12-08, 20:04
well.... what I would do is to use GIMP (since I dont pay for over-priced software).

1. I would take the "free hand select" tool (i think this one looks like a lasso) and I would draw a line around the source image to be placed into the target image... in this case you want to outline the santa hat. If your hand is jittery it helps to blow the image up really big.

2. once the hat is "selected" to your liking, you can cut it (Ctrl+X) from the source image.

3. open the target image and choose to paste the source object as a NEW LAYER. (usually found under the EDIT menu)

4. working with the hat as a new layer will allow you to resize it to the proper proportions and position it properly upon Lara's head.

5. when you are satisfied with the results, save the image. Depending upon the format you are saving as, you may need to merge the layers first (gif reads layers as animation so you would have to merge gif layers first). Other formats like JPG will automatically merge the layers when you save them.

Minty Mouth
08-12-08, 20:12
Get a picture of a hat you want:


Use the quick select tool to select just the hat (its on the same button as the magic wand)

Copy the selection. Then just paste it onto the picture of Lara. Use ctrl+t to resize it...and then move it into position above Laras head

Like This?


08-12-08, 23:30
Thank you for all your help! Have a nice Christmas!


09-12-08, 19:53
now who wants to give a tutorial on how to DRAW a santa hat onto lara?

09-12-08, 22:26
now who wants to give a tutorial on how to DRAW a santa hat onto lara?

Lol :p