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09-12-08, 15:57
Yoko Kanno is a Japanese composer who composes music for many anime series.
Many consider her a jem in the music industry.
But she obviously plagiarises. And more and more people are starting to see it.

I just found this out today while listening to Hooverphonic's "Battersea". Immediately I heard the similarity to Yoko Kanno's "Cyberbird" - used in the anime "Ghost in the Shell".
My god, they're the SAME SONG. :yik:

Yoko Kanno is a bloody disgusting "composer-copy-cat".

Many of you might have even watched Cowboy Bebop. Some of the tracks in the anime are complete rip offs from musicians from Bjork to The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Way Out West.

I am bloody mad.:mad:

Here are a few links:



This is really quite sad - almost pitiful.

I really have lost my respect. Well, I wasn't that much of a fan to begin with. But it still ****es me off.

09-12-08, 16:19
Well I enjoyed the Ghost in the shell music...now it feels 'cheap'. Just remixes not original compositions at any rate.

Yoko Kannocomposo