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Lara Croft!
09-12-08, 16:22
Youths have rioted on the streets of Athens and other Greek cities for the past three days. Stores and cars have been torched, barricades erected and rioters have fought running battles with police.
Athens riot police come under attack near the capital's main police station Sunday.

The unrest came after police shot dead teenager Andreas Grigoropoulos, 15, who they allege was about to throw a fuel-filled device at them as a gang of youths pelted a patrol vehicle.

Source: CNN

Apart from the boy's name, which is Alexis and not Andreas, CNN got some other facts wrong....

The teenager was at a cafe to celebrate a classmates' name day and when he left with his friends, police thought he was a hooligan, because there had been attacks in that area before, so they shot the kid. The boy was unarmed and did nothing but answer back to the insults of the cops that initiated without reason.
This happened in Athens, but all of Greece is furious with a government that has nurtured policemen to believe that THEY are the law...
So riots have started, the anarchists burn stores and buildings....

It is unfortunate that at these moments some looters rob shops, or burn buildings of national value... destroy statues and so on...

But as much as the collateral damage pains the Athenian and Greek people, most of us feel that the riots should continue until the government decides to do something drastic.

It's in the hottest topics in CNN, you can read more there.... http://edition.cnn.com/ or check the Reuters, it has many pics, along with some of Alexis' http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE4B601720081209

A city where a policeman shoots and kills an unarmed teenager, deserves to be burnt....

I have so much anger inside me... I watched the funeral on the TV and when I saw his mother screaming, I just started crying.... The Greek people will no longer remain silent....

Thank you for taking the time to read this....

Some pics.... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BCsaeWGNwNI/ST6Q-g6wGsI/AAAAAAAAw0o/_5Suh-FxHyA/s1600-h/Epeisodia1.jpg

Alexi ... RIP!!!

Jack Croft
09-12-08, 16:25
My wishes with the family. That is horrible for anyone to experience.

Thank you for the post.

09-12-08, 16:27
If I was still there, I'd join in on the riots.

Now things are a bit clearer. Thanks for clearing it up, Lora. The boy didn't do anything wrong at all. But he should've avoided provoking the cops with insults. People have to be careful who they're talking to these days.

09-12-08, 16:28
Better continue here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=141542) I think.

Lara Croft!
09-12-08, 16:29
I haven't seen this thread... Thank you Puxane... Please, someone lock this one!

TombRaider 95
09-12-08, 16:40
I heard about this :(