View Full Version : How many Tomb Raiders do you think you'll be able to play on YOUR platform?

Feather Duster
11-12-08, 23:31
As the title says :)

You guys, I ment in the future :p Future Tomb raiders...?

11-12-08, 23:31
Every single one hopefully :).

11-12-08, 23:31
All of them...

I can keep upgrading my PC as and when I need to...

11-12-08, 23:32
All of them. As for future ones hopefully all of them.

11-12-08, 23:34
Well, at the moment my PC can run them all. So that's not a problem.

Upgrades can be done for future games, but my 360 can run things. And if I get a PS3... that will be able to as well.

11-12-08, 23:51
Maybe two or three more. a total of five or six on the 360 is a pretty good number!

Lucky Goldstar
11-12-08, 23:51
My PC Can run all ecept Legend and Underworld (but that will be fixed soon!)

11-12-08, 23:53
My Pc/Ps3 can run all of them, for now. My pc will probably need to be upgraded like mad before playing any future titles though!

Nerd For Life
12-12-08, 19:03
My computer can handle all of them except for Underworld, I had to play TRU in Mother's laptop.

I am planning on getting a new PC next year though, and also a console. I didn't decide yet if it's gonna be a PS3 or a 360.

Alex Fly
12-12-08, 19:07
Every new Tomb Raider game released. I'm upgrading my computer frequently. :tmb:

12-12-08, 20:46
I hope at least 2 more come out for the PS3 before they upgrade to a new system

Lara's home
12-12-08, 20:50
Can't run TR1 anymore.
My Video card is not the best, but I woudl be able to play TR:U with almost reccomended settings. But in the long go.. noooo

12-12-08, 20:57
As long as I keep my PS3 in good condition and have enough to get a PlayStation 4 and 5 then yeah.

12-12-08, 21:25
*pats the PS3*

I think it will last for a good time, who knows of there will be a PS4?

12-12-08, 21:28
From what I've read, TRU is selling really well on the PS3 (even better than on the 360), so I think I'll be safe by being faithful to Sony. :)

Evan C.
12-12-08, 21:30
2 more,I think.

12-12-08, 22:42
All of them! I have a new PC!!!!