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12-12-08, 08:11
Hello fellow members.

So I made this video project for my humanities class and I wanted you guys (exclusively) to see it. Plus you get to see me in action playing Tomb Raider haha. (I Just had to get Lara in my project somehow.)

It was my first time making a video so be kind haha. But, anyways I would appreciate it if you left some feedback or advice next time I make a video.




12-12-08, 09:10
The "I found a chicken" part was hilarious, totally unexpected and very nice :tmb: :D I don't think I got the main point of the video, though.. What you could learn from Troy - drawing a figure? Maybe I'm just a bit slow, sorry :p

Little details that could improve it: red, flashing text is a bit difficult to read (and semi-annoying for the viewer), maybe if you had white letters on a black background (like a long rectangle, a broad stripe of sorts) that didn't flash?

Otherwise, good work :)

12-12-08, 10:03
Cool I love Troy! My favourite myth :)

But like Mr. Bear I dont quite understand what we are learning, and I think white text would be much better.

Otherwise great work! Love the random chicken!

12-12-08, 12:31
Could you tell us what exactly the project's goal was, so we can give you better tailored feedback? :p
One thing I'd say is, don't change fonts, and never use Comic Sans :hea:

Fdx Croft
12-12-08, 15:18
Chicken as Angry chicken :vlol:

Its a funny video really... but I couldnt get what are you trying to do, but its a very good work...

Congrats ;) :D

12-12-08, 16:36
The angry chicken part was my fave :vlol:

12-12-08, 18:54
Haha sorry about that,

It was suppose to be about me, learning mythology in different ways, like first off in movies, and then games. To show that you can still learn without educational stuff.

But I knew I didn't make that clear enough. heh.

And Sorry about the red text I really wasn't thinking about that.:hea: