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Feather Duster
12-12-08, 22:23


Btw, Segways are TOO cool :ohn:

12-12-08, 22:27
I have a crackberry:(

12-12-08, 22:27
I'm uber jerky. :(

12-12-08, 22:32
i dont have any of that stuff so i guess not lmao

12-12-08, 22:38
I guess not then......

Although I do have one Ipod earphone 'dangling' sometimes, but that's just because those crappy earphones keep going 'kaput'! :mad:

Segway...........LOL! :vlol:

12-12-08, 22:40
i dont have any of that stuff so i guess not lmao
lol, same here :p

12-12-08, 22:41
Not that this Microsoft connected site would be anti-Apple or anything.

Aside from the obvious partisan nature of this, who decides these things anyway? Evidently, I would suggest, people who are so far up their own arses that they think it right and proper to look down upon others with their snide condemnations.

Feather Duster
12-12-08, 22:48
I posted this for fun. This guy is probably 'anti-cool stuff' ;) :p

12-12-08, 22:49
I have Sky+ which is sort of like TiVo, but I don't go on about it. So I suppose that doesn't really count.

But I'm a GNU/Linux user. I do use Windows as well... but I think it still makes me a bit of a jerk. Oh well.

12-12-08, 23:04
Nope, don't have any of those items, though I wouldn't mind having the BlackBerry but meh.... oh well.

12-12-08, 23:42
Moreover, is it the headphones themselves or the iPod owners who ensure that one headphone bud is always dangling outside of its intended ear?


Anyway, the only thing I had on the list was iPod accessories, and they're only speakers for the iPod.

12-12-08, 23:45
Bluetooth.. and that's it. Most of the stuff has never appealed to me.

12-12-08, 23:47
I thought TiVo was only an imaginary gadget from The Simpsons...and look at that ridiculous Segway :vlol:

12-12-08, 23:52
I own none of them, I must be so cool! :D

12-12-08, 23:59
I don't have any of those.
I don't say "jerk" because it sounds too American.

I say douche-bag :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
13-12-08, 00:02
LOL! I love how they mentioned linux. :vlol:

I have tivo, but that's it. :p

13-12-08, 00:19
I can agree with some of them, but others are just *rollseyes*

I have none of them btw

13-12-08, 00:39
Aw, I have Ipod accessories...only because a tough skin keeps my delicate 1st generation nano from breaking into pieces. :D

Ada the Mental
13-12-08, 00:41
Seriously, about the headphones (all kinds of headphones):
A) Usually, one of them is not working
B) No matter how low the volume is, you can always hear better what's going on around you when you ony have one earphone plugged in, and you know...this happens to be quite useful when you're outside.
C) Having a thingy shoved in your ear is annoying. Why have two of them?

That being said, I hate my ipod, so I'll go get a regular mp3 player that doesn't get on my nerves. And isn't white.

I'd love to get TiVo or something like that, though. :cln:

Flashy Lights
13-12-08, 00:41
MSN bashing an Apple product? :O Never.... surely not! I mean look at MSN messenger for Mac, ****test thing i've ever used. And what's wrong with Blackberrys? I love Blackberrys but I have an iPhone or any of those things so i must not be a nerd jerk :)

13-12-08, 00:44
I have an ipod nano and the little arm band/pouch you put it in to run, but i bought new headphones b/c the default ones are CRAP and fall out if you run

13-12-08, 01:30
I wish I was a jerk so I could get TiVo.

13-12-08, 02:38
I have iPhone, and am very pleased with it. :p =]

People think I am a jerk but it isn't because of the gadgets I have. ;)

It's because of my job.


Feather Duster
13-12-08, 04:19
Ben, you certainly aren't a jerk ;) :D

13-12-08, 04:36
I have to agree wholly with the Bluetooth observations. I especially hate the assholes who come into my store talking on one and I can't see it because I assume that they're addressing me. Then it's awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes they get *****y at me for interrupting their phone call. I particularly like the raised index finger as if to say "Hold on, I need your assistance, but my conversation is far more important than that. You'll just have to wait to serve me."

I don't have an issue with people with iPods. Hell, the BF has one. But at the same time, I don't get the appeal. I like my Sansa MP3 player much more. And the segway doesn't make you look like a jerk. It makes you look like a nerd.

As for the rest of 'em... Whatever. I think a lot of it has to do with personality anyway. I remember some jackass that came into my store looking for something we didn't have but another PetSmart did so I told him I could call that store to verify, and then he whips out his iPhone and tells me not to bother. My bad. :p

13-12-08, 05:23
Nope.. I don't have anything on that list, but that's an iPod case? :confused: I use that to go running, why would that make me a jerk? :p

13-12-08, 05:35
Who cares? Those are elite stuffs! I love them!!! ;)

My aunt wants blackberry, so will she become a jerk? :p:p

13-12-08, 05:54
I have NONE of those things. haha. oh well. I think the idea of segways are kool, but they make you look like a freak, imo. haha.

13-12-08, 08:04
I dont have any of those things but the whole concept of this article is stupid.

13-12-08, 08:44
I don't have an issue with people with iPods. Hell, the BF has one. But at the same time, I don't get the appeal. I like my Sansa MP3 player much more. And the segway doesn't make you look like a jerk. It makes you look like a nerd.

I agree with the Ipod thing. Ipods seem to be just there to make you look cool. They're very expensive and just not very good if you're clumsy like me and drop things a lot. :D
I'm getting a Sansa MP3 for Christmas. :D

13-12-08, 09:24
I'm uber cool, I don't need that stuff.

Lara Croft!
13-12-08, 18:26
I only have an ipod shuffle but I disagree with the article completely. How having a laptop or a bluetooth makes you a jerk?

13-12-08, 18:28
I have tivo, but I only have it cause I got it for free and I have iPod accessories, but I only have those because the came with the iPod. :D :p
honestly yeah this is biased towards hating apple.

13-12-08, 18:32
I'm a jerk. I use Linux.

13-12-08, 18:33
I am ney jerk.

13-12-08, 18:38
I dont see how an airmac makes you a jerk.

it's a great travel laptop (yes its costly) but if you're traveling overseas it's a LOT easier to transport

13-12-08, 19:32
Umm, I Phone, Blackberryies, oh no :(
Well in that case, I'm a bit of a jerk :D

13-12-08, 20:54
How's Bluetooth anti-cool anyway? It's way better than your constantly-getting-tangled hands-free.

13-12-08, 20:57
I dont have any of them, but im still a jerk.

13-12-08, 21:41
I don't have any of those, but I don't agree with the article :p