View Full Version : Lacuna Coil: "Shallow Life" Due in Spring

13-12-08, 21:37
Italian hard rock band LACUNA COIL, which offers the dual vocals of male singer Andrea Ferro and female vocalist Cristina Scabbia, has set "Shallow Life" as the title of its new album, due in the spring via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded earlier this fall at a studio in Los Angeles with producer Don Gilmore, who has previously worked with LINKIN PARK, TRAPT, AVRIL LAVIGNE, GOOD CHARLOTTE, THE VERONICAS, PEARL JAM, TRUST COMPANY and DURAN DURAN.

Don Gilmore? I am definitely sold. :D

13-12-08, 21:39
I can't wait!!

13-12-08, 22:10
Can't wait! :D I hope it will be much more different than Karmacode.
In a Reverie and Comalies are their best albums. :tmb:

13-12-08, 22:12
I loved all their albums equally (except for Karmacode of course --- which was complete ****e)! :jmp:

The song that got me hooked to them is "Daylight Dancer". :p

I agree, "In a Reverie" and "Comalies" are amazing albums.

13-12-08, 22:21
Although I guess it's gonna be more nu-metal orienteted since Don Gilmore is the producer. He worked with Linkin Park, didn't he?

Yup, it's in that text. :D

13-12-08, 22:30
Ooooooooo can't wait. Comalies is one of my favorite CD's, didn't like Karmacode too much. XD

13-12-08, 23:27
I absolutely LOVE Comalies. <333333333

Hopefully this will be as good... Karmacode was just... meh :(

Ada the Mental
15-12-08, 12:33
:yah: :jmp: :yah: :jmp: :yah:

I can't wait!

Karmacode was somewhat disappointing, though. The best song on that one is the Depeche Mode cover!

Listening to Comalies right now! :D

15-12-08, 13:38
Listening to Comalies right now! :D

Haha me too! :D Currently listening to "Daylight Dancer". Definitely one of the best songs on Comalies. :tmb:

BTW, I don't really like the new album title...It's just a little mehh, IMO.