View Full Version : Photoshop Nightmare or Dream?

14-12-08, 03:19

I found these two pictures while randomly surfing the internet. Both are pictures of Faith Hill, but the one on the left is the photoshopped version, which was used as the cover, and the one on the right is the original.

Do you think magazines should do this?

Personally, I didn't think it was necessary to photoshop the original.

14-12-08, 03:24
Yes, I think magazines have to edit photos to sell covers. Otherwise, you'd be trying to sell a "Look hot like this ho!" article with a fugly-catcher's-mit faced woman on the cover.
I do however, think magazines should have to put a disclaimer in there somewhere stating that the images are touched up in some way.

14-12-08, 03:24
Yeah, adding text like that, just spoils it.

Seriously, this kind of thing annoys me. I've thought for a long time that there should be a regulation meaning that any image that is tampered with must have a kind of logo, or icon attached to it to indicate editing to the image. Say, like an icon of a hand.

14-12-08, 03:35
You obviously haven't seen this then:

Does anyone want to take a guess on whats so wrong with this magazine cover? :ton: Not giving any hints since it should be brutally obvious.

14-12-08, 03:41
Er, it doesn't exist at all as nothing is showing?

14-12-08, 03:41
Does anyone want to take a guess on whats so wrong with this magazine cover? :ton: Not giving any hints since it should be brutally obvious.

She's missing a leg!

Here's the link: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_EHZsoUS6SIA/SUBCyg5L-jI/AAAAAAAACWQ/gV4xmfrB1nM/legsakimbo.jpg

14-12-08, 03:50
Did that cover seriously go out?

14-12-08, 03:55
I thnk the one on the right looks better, but they do have to get money. Some people look better without photoshop, some people don't. :wve:

14-12-08, 04:24
Take a peek at these.






Lara Coft Baby
14-12-08, 04:30
That first image definitely looks fake. I mean look at her arm. It is TOTALLY fake. Makes her look...I don't know a bit...I don't know but you can definitely tell its fake.

14-12-08, 04:39
They definitely ruined the original image. The anorexic proportions (the lack of back, the tiny torso and the arm!) and the excess of airbrush on her face make Faith Hill look plastic and deformed.
Still, I'm not all anti-photoshop, a bit of retouches make someone look better, but exaggerating and forgetting the person's look (and forgetting about reality!) can really make a picture sucky (and sometimes even scary)

14-12-08, 04:43
Did that cover seriously go out?

Yup, which is the saddest pat! :p:D

I don't know how a graphics designer can remove a leg.

young Lara Croft
14-12-08, 07:40
what I don't like about PSed images is they include politicians! :hea: pathetic!!!! :mad:

14-12-08, 08:21
If you want to know what someone really looks like then you ask them to show you their passport.

14-12-08, 08:23
WOW..That cover girl has such a thin arm..At that thinness ..the bones would of shone. Bad renders :smk:

Lara's Backpack
14-12-08, 09:15
Yuck! Her arm in the editted one is discusting, she looks so frail!

14-12-08, 09:20
Lol, the photoshopped version doesn't even look like her.

14-12-08, 11:15

What a fabulous set of hands.

14-12-08, 11:41
^Didn't notice those pics earlier, and now when I went back to the fisrt page, I seriously loled. And it's just so obvious that it's fake (Beyonce one). You simply can't put your arm back (as you can see from her shoulder) and then the hand miraculously appears in front of her perfectly straight without any leaning.

14-12-08, 14:23
i think she looks better on the cover mostly.. can't believe they changed her arm though , seems a tad extreme!

14-12-08, 14:46
Reminds me of that movie S1m0ne. That's how it's going to be in the future.

Sir Croft
14-12-08, 14:56
Reminds me of Photoshop Disasters (http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/). Some "disasters" are too stupid. :p

14-12-08, 14:58
If you want to know what someone really looks like then you ask them to show you their passport.

hahaha :vlol: That made me LOL. I recently got my passport and the photo they made me take.... My GOD!!!! I look hedious. I'm afraid they might stop me upon entering the US because I look too ugly to visit their country.