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14-12-08, 20:43
The Titel say it;) "What are you doing with Christmas?

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14-12-08, 21:06
in staying here :D no place like home sweet home ;)

Nerd For Life
14-12-08, 21:13
Staying home with my Mum. :) Family time!

14-12-08, 21:14
Not sure really. But I'll be with Mitchel (bf) this Christmas. :)

14-12-08, 21:47
:D ;) ,I,,ll go to Londen with my Familie for 5 days:D

14-12-08, 21:50
Nothing special, just gonna spend it at home like usual. Was planning on goin to London uk but that aint gonna happen.

14-12-08, 21:51
Christmas dinner at my Nana's!

I guess that would involving debating with my radical christian cousin's. :(

14-12-08, 21:52
Spend it with my family:hug:

14-12-08, 22:20
Going to Scotland, it's going to snow up there hopefully.

14-12-08, 22:26
Going to Scotland, it's going to snow up there hopefully.


14-12-08, 22:28
Spending it at my mum's, my gran's, AND my dad's. Ack.

Must try to avoid killing someone over the holidays...

14-12-08, 22:31
Sweet Home Alabama


14-12-08, 22:34

14-12-08, 22:36
Spending it at my mum's, my gran's, AND my dad's. Ack.

Must try to avoid killing someone over the holidays...

Hehe, Sounds very similar to mine.

14-12-08, 22:36
Going to Scotland, it's going to snow up there hopefully.

LMAO, you can stay at my crib! ;)

14-12-08, 22:40
Hehe, Sounds very similar to mine.

:vlol: Hide the knives, eh? :D

Logie 12 =]
14-12-08, 22:41
Going to spend it with my big brother who i rarely see :):D:jmp:

14-12-08, 22:41
:vlol: Hide the knives, eh? :D

hehe, hide the chicken skewers!

14-12-08, 22:47
What am I going to do with Christmas? I'm taking it out on a lovely date, then later on Christmas is going to open up some really good presents for me.


Spending it with the family as usual :P And when I say the family...I mean...My moms side of like 12 cousins xD Thats Christmas Eve at least. Then it's Christmas lunch with just the family the very next day ^^ I has a love for Christmas <3

14-12-08, 22:55
I'll stay home...waiting for Santa so I can hit him with a frying pan and tie him up then steal all the lovely presents :jmp:

14-12-08, 22:56
I'm doing nothing with christmas, I'm leaving whoever he/she is alone.
But at christmas I'm staying home with my family :) Gonna have some fun, went out last year, and the year before. Now it's time to stay home ;)

14-12-08, 23:06
staying at home... family coming round, just like last year :cool:

Tomb Raider Master
14-12-08, 23:46
I'm going home! :jmp: I'm starting to hate our capital...

14-12-08, 23:50
Staying at home with the family.

TR love
15-12-08, 00:05
putting up with my sisters when they come home. and probably loosing it and pushing over the tree.

15-12-08, 01:23
Nothing. It's just another day.

15-12-08, 01:36
Avoiding sweaters.

15-12-08, 01:42
I feel like snuggling with someone on the sofa. :D

15-12-08, 09:44
I am flying to the US on Wednesday morning where I will spend three weeks with someone very special in a log cabin on a mountain. I'll also be skiing for the first time too. Wooo.

(And I put my old copy of Cubase on my laptop last night so I'll be able to work on one of my songs while travelling, awesome :D )

15-12-08, 09:46
I am flying to the US on Wednesday morning where I will spend three weeks with someone very special in a log cabin on a mountain.

Wow, i'd love to do that with Jamie - although I would still feel the need to bring a laptop with the internet :p.

15-12-08, 09:50
Wow, i'd love to do that with Jamie - although I would still feel the need to bring a laptop with the internet :p.

Hehe, yeah. I'm sooo excited. Best Christmas ever!

And I am taking my laptop so I can work, draw, surf and make music. I fear the someone special will want to smash said laptop after a couple of days :D

PS- I love you avatar ^____________^

15-12-08, 09:52
Hehe thanks :p.

Aha, awh, I'm sure said person will love spending time there with you regardless :D.

15-12-08, 11:13
family stuff:)

15-12-08, 13:12
Nothing. Im not into the whole festive/holidays thing.
Enjoy a day off work mostly.

15-12-08, 13:31
Staying at home with my family.

15-12-08, 13:50
Staying at home and using the free time for getting some uni stuff done... as well as trying to avoid any kind of fights and arguments with my or my bf's family.

15-12-08, 13:58
I'll stay at home. :D

15-12-08, 14:02
Christmas eve I'm going over a friends house most likely. :)

Going over my aunt's (father's side) and see the family, then later may be making dinner for my mom and her friend. :D

15-12-08, 14:20
celebrating with the family and this is baby-chris' first xmas :jmp:

15-12-08, 14:46
I'm going out and getting DRUNK!!! Hell yeah!!

Of course I'm spending Christmas with my family, what else would I do. :D

15-12-08, 15:28
It'll be a public holiday, I'm trying to get my parents' permission to let me go to Singapore :p

15-12-08, 15:56
I'll most probably spend the christmas alone and just generally being lonely and miserable. Like always. :)

15-12-08, 16:19
Staying at home, me, myself and I.

15-12-08, 16:48
I am going to spend Christmas at home with my family, I might go out later in the evening though. :)

15-12-08, 16:53
A short trip to the nearest mountains for a freezing experience:D

15-12-08, 17:15
Staying at home with my family :D

15-12-08, 17:20
Staying at home with family. :o

EDIT: Oooh, spooky posting! *Look above*

15-12-08, 17:22
I'm gonna be spending it at home with my family, listening to music, having fun and generally having a good time. :)

15-12-08, 17:25
at home

Los Angeles
16-12-08, 01:09
Hanging out at Walmart. :o

16-12-08, 01:28
Push the 'on' button on several electronic devices, eat a lot of chocolate, and keep all the food I have for myself.

16-12-08, 02:58
Idk yet might be going over to my sisters house.

16-12-08, 03:04
Push the 'on' button on several electronic devices, eat a lot of chocolate, and keep all the food I have for myself.

Sounds great!:D:tmb:

I was thinking of going back to Greece for the holidays but decided to stay in London.:)

16-12-08, 08:54
I'm staying at home. I was going to my aunties house in Berwick but I'm not anymore.:)

16-12-08, 08:56
I'll be doing pink stuffs. I know you won't ever understand my words. :) :wve:

16-12-08, 18:38
there is much to do with Christmas hears I :D

16-12-08, 18:39
Watching the new Wallace and Gromit episode. Avidly. :cln: Doctor Who can go screw himself this year.

16-12-08, 19:19
I'm gonna bake and make lots of homemade foods. Cookies, Cakes, Pies and Sausage Rolls galore. :D

16-12-08, 19:52
Just chilling at home. ;) My friend is going skiing in the French alps though. :D

23-12-08, 22:32
Wake up, take a shower and then put on some make up and fix my hair.

Then we eat breakfast and open our presents. Then we go to my dads girlfriend and watch Donald Duck (Swedish tradition) and eat some christmas food.

Then my dad drive me to my mom and then he gets back and be with his girlfriends family.

So I eat again with my family, open my presents and then we have fun. :p

That's how it is every christmas. :p

23-12-08, 22:41
I head over to my Grandma's house on Christmas eve and spend time with the fam and then on christmas? I have no clue lmao xD No plans have been made yet. (They best hurry up and make them lmao)

Tina Croft
23-12-08, 22:52
watching TV all day and eating my cake i baked today...^^ very exciting christmas like every year -.- you better don't ask me what i'm gonna do on sylvester...

23-12-08, 23:12
Christmas eve - Opening ONE present x My big sisters sleeping over at night, going over to my nan and grandads at night like every year.

Christmas Day - Getting up, opening presents, having christmas dinner with my family, nan and grandad invited too, again just like every year, also with a tradition White family game of Monopoly x

Boxing day - other nan and grandad coming around for a while. :)

23-12-08, 23:15
Nothing. It's just another day.

:whi: Bah Humbug

Im staying at my Mums on Christmas Eve. And go back to my Dads on Christmas day at 2ish.

23-12-08, 23:18
My family's getting together, as usual. little do they know I'll be hiding all the presents and leaving da vinci-code like clues to find them! bwahahahahaha!

23-12-08, 23:25
I'm having christmas at my house then at around one o'clock we're going to my grandparents house.:)

23-12-08, 23:29
Christmas Eve: Work in the afternoon/early evening until close (luckily this is when my family is having their little get-together). Go home. Make cookies "for Santa". Eat "Santa's" cookies and have some cocoa. Maybe open presents. Some years we do it Christmas Eve night, sometimes Christmas morning.

Christmas Day: Open presents if we didn't do it the night before. Watch Christmas parade. Indulge in all the cool stuff I got for several hours (assuming I was good this year. Last year I was "naughty" and only got clothes...). Go see a movie (family tradition).

Lara Croft!
23-12-08, 23:29
Lunch with my family, then wasted time in front of the PC until I meet my boyfriend...

Jake Croft
23-12-08, 23:44
Staying in bed, im ill with the flu :(

23-12-08, 23:51
I'll celebrate with my family and exchange presents, eat dinner and so on. The standard stuff, but I like it. :)

24-12-08, 04:05
Staying in bed, im ill with the flu :(

Aw, I hope you get to feeling better. I was recently sick with tonsillitis for 2 months, so I know how you feel. :(

Anyway, I will go eat dinner christmas eve with my grandma and family/bf. After, we might open gifts or wait until the morning.

Christmas morning I wake up early and open gifts/get ready for other grandparents. We go eat breakfast and open up even more presents and then continue the family tradition of seeing a movie every year.:cool:

24-12-08, 05:30
Nothing, I don't like christmass, just like the grinch lol :)

24-12-08, 08:29
This year is very special. It's going to be different with my daughter (and husband - ok, I won't forget him :p). We are going to my sister-in-law's house and spend the day there. (<- I'm talking about the Christmas day.)

Chug a Bug
24-12-08, 11:18
Off to my mother's place, see my uncle, aunt and cousin at the weekend. :)

24-12-08, 11:21
Erm, just the usual dinner, then Oxford Street on boxing day for the xmas sales, we rarely find anything we would actually buy though but Xmas in London is amazing, it might be the only time I get to feel christmasy, just being there and all ^_^.

I look forward to new years eve more though.

24-12-08, 11:32
Our cousins are coming down to our house Christmas day and we'll be having a yummy roast. Then at dinner time, my Sister's Boyfriend's family are coming around. It should be great. Then on boxing day I'll be working for nine hours!!

*Kills self*


24-12-08, 17:10
I'll be at home and my siblings who now live on their own is coming over aswell as my uncle and my cousin and my paternal grandma. Usually when my grandmother is here there is a big fight involving her and my dad and my uncle tries to keep the peace but he is told to get lost. She usually starts it.

God Horus
24-12-08, 17:22
Well, since my birthday is on Christmas, I will be staying home and having a big party. :D

24-12-08, 18:03
Just going to stay home. My boy friend is going to come over... so I'm going to put him to work with my mom with making Christmas dinner. :cln:

24-12-08, 18:09
Going to Scotland, it's going to snow up there hopefully.

I wouldn't put money on it. Hasn't snowed up where I am since about November, and I live in the NORTH of Scotland! :p

Going to my granny's for Christmas Dinner... and that's about it really. :wve:

24-12-08, 18:21
I want to play AoD but it keeps crashing eventhough I tried to fix it all day I just dont know what to do :(

That was my plan...now I need to think of something else to do.

24-12-08, 18:49
Me and Laura made a fruit Christmas cake :D




24-12-08, 18:53
Having our annual family get-together on Christmas Eve at my sis's new home. I'm there right now helping her get some last minute things finished for tonight. :)

24-12-08, 18:55
I like the snowman. It's cute.

But anyone knows me knows that I hate cake so I can't say I would wanna eat it. But I don't hate brownies, but they're sort of not cakes so hmm I dunno.

25-12-08, 01:43
I'm just gonna Play GTA IV, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Red alert 3, Stalker: Clear Sky, Call Of Duty 5 and Need For speed: UnderCover. :p

So what i'm saying is... I'm just gonna stay home with my family and play all these great games. :D

*EDIT* My 112th POST! :D

25-12-08, 01:44
sleep through it lmao

25-12-08, 01:46
sleep through it lmao

lol :vlol:

25-12-08, 02:00
Today, my whole family came over, and we gave and received presents (I got Itunes giftcards, money, and Coldstone giftcard, and a t-shirt) so that was fun, and right now everyone is leaving. Tommorow on Christmas, me and my sister wake everyone up, and we go to the Christmas tree, give and receive presents, and whatnot. Then at 2 p.m. we go to my Grandma's house and open more presents, which will be great. On Friday, I go to my fathers house and open gifts there. So I have a great Christmas Holiday, don't I.

25-12-08, 02:17
Aside from feeding my friend's fish while he's out of state, I will be engaging in an age old tradition among my fellow American Jews:

Chinese food and a movie. :D

25-12-08, 20:32
I'm at my mother's house right now for christmas and today i went out to eat at the hudson buffet. And i already opened up presents and got games, puzzles and books.

25-12-08, 20:36
Well I went up to my Grandmother's yesterday, and had a meal and played the game "Spinner" - and then today we're just having another big meal.