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16-12-08, 14:39
I've been looking for a film, well for some time now... :p

It starts in a hotel where a man and a woman are sort of flirting I think and they write their numbers on two dollar bills and the woman says to the man: Go in that elevator and if we get on the same floor, I'll give you this dollar. So they get in the elevators and the woman goes to floor 23 I think and the man goes to the same floor but got delayed on the way up there so they miss eachother slightly.

*can't remember the middle*

At the end, the woman is on a plane and she sees the cabin lady selling things and she gets handed a dollar bill with her number on it and remembers him.

Then at the very end they meet up at some ice skating rink.

Very sketchy but that's roughly it, haven't seen it in years.

Please help! :D

16-12-08, 14:44
Can you remember any of the actors? I often use actors to find a movie on imdb :tmb:

16-12-08, 14:44
Serendipity (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0240890/)?

16-12-08, 14:44
Is this it lol?


16-12-08, 14:46
Serendipity (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0240890/)?

That's it! :tmb:


And thanks to everyone else for trying :D

Thanks Again! :D :jmp:

16-12-08, 14:48
I remember seeing it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, didn't ring my bell but I'm glad I could be of help :)