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16-12-08, 22:43
make a list going from 1. for the best lara to 9 for the worst lara and write an explenation...

since they are the same tr4 and 5 lara count as a one...young lara is one of the options...

Here is mine

1. Legend Lara-for me this is the most beautiful model, she is hot, sexy but still so sofisticated.

2. TR2 Lara-this lara is soooo aristocratic and has great poisure...

3. Underworld Lara-she is realistic and sooo coll...a real bomb...

4. TR4,5 Lara-particullary I liked their faces...they were so beautifull

5. Young Lara-with those little ponytails she is the cutest...

6. Annyversary Lara-has nice features...but something about her just didnt click...

7. TR3 Lara-her face is weird...and her legs are to far apart...

8. TR1 Lara-she is to manly...

9. AOD Lara-where do I start???

16-12-08, 23:06
Legend Lara, Her face is soo beautiful! Her body I dont like!
Anniversary Lara, Her Face And Body Are The Best! But still Legend Lara is the best!
UNDERWORLD LARA! Her body is amazing, Her hair is amazing, but in gameplay her face looks fake.
TR4 - TR5 Lara, I liked them they're faces and bodies!
TR3 Lara, She is okay.
AOD Lara, Me no likey!
TR2 Lara, She is UGLY!
I Hated Young Lara! She looked like a rat!

16-12-08, 23:08
Anniversary Lara
Angel Of Darkness Lara
Underworld Lara
TR2-3 Lara
TR1 Lara
TR4-5 Lara
Tomb Raider Legend "Lara"

16-12-08, 23:24
{eith;3316150']Anniversary Lara
Angel Of Darkness Lara
Underworld Lara
TR2-3 Lara
TR1 Lara
TR4-5 Lara
Tomb Raider Legend "Lara"


But place underworld before aod...:)

I especially like thouse quates on legend "lara".I couldn't write it better myself!:)

16-12-08, 23:26
Anniversary Lara
Underworld Lara
Legend Lara
TR1 Lara
AOD Lara
TR2-3 Lara
TR4-5 Lara

16-12-08, 23:28
Anniversary Lara - She's definitely the most attractive Lara for me.
TR2 & TR3 Lara - I think Judith Gibbins made the real Lara. To me, this is the Lara I'm most familiar with.
Underworld Lara - Attractive, but I prefer Anniversary Lara. I don't know much about Underworld Lara yet, as I haven't played TRU yet.
TR4 & TR5 Lara - I found her pretty similar to TR2 and TR3 Lara. Yet again, I don't know that much about them, as I haven't finished TR4 or TR5 properly.
TR1 Lara - I like her persona more than how she looks. Her voice, her accent. She's just original Lara. But somehow I think TR2 and TR3 Lara are more "original" than TR1 Lara.
Legend Lara - I find her attractive, and I like her personality. Similar to Anniversary Lara.
AOD Lara - I liked her personality, a bit more than TR4 and TR5 Lara. I would put them pretty close.

I can't put them in any order, as they each have their pros and cons, so this is what I have to say about them individually.

16-12-08, 23:32
TRU Lara-Amazing! I love the classic renders.
TR2 Lara-Just about perfect. Her lips especially.
TRL Lara-A great new style for Lara
TR3 Lara-Beautiful face but some renders during this era are to sexual
TR1 Lara-Nothing wrong with this Lara really. It's just that she's been out-done. She's still revolutionary :hug:
TRA Lara-She's OK. Nothing new. Breasts are too big for stomach. Looks quite rough in some images.
TR4+5 -Her features are too manly and her proportions are just silly.
AoD Lara-Not really Lara. Too moody looking.
Young Lara-She looks like a porn star.

I think I'm being too harsh about AoD

16-12-08, 23:36
Underworld Lara - Loved her body movements in cutscenes and her body was so realistic! Her face truely looked like Lara Croft
Legend Lara - Beautiful model. She looked lean and hot :cln:
AOD Lara - Loved the whole gothic/dark vibe to her! Also loved her shades, the red tint to her hair, and her outfit (trousers version, obviously)
Anniversary Lara - Loved her proportions! Just right :tmb:
TRIV/5 Lara - Very awesome model! Loved her in the catsuit in TR5!
TRII/III - Liked it, but not as much as TRIV model
TRI - Very... blocky, and that bun was not a good look for her

17-12-08, 00:06
In terms of looks alone:

1. TR4/TR5 Lara - I loved her FMV look.
2. TR6 Lara - reminded me of TR4/5 FMV Lara.
3. TRU Lara - vaguely reminded me of TR6 Lara.
4. Next-Gen legend Lara - looked good.
5. TR:A Lara - nice enough.
6. TR3 Lara - graphically speaking, not as good.
7. TR2 Lara - Again, graphically not as good.
8. Young Lara - Nice enough.
9. TR1 Lara - Further down the line of graphically not good (anymore).


17-12-08, 00:11
TR2 + 3 Lara
AoD Lara

TRL,TRA and TRU are the ugly ones. Scary huge bug eyes, large boulder heads and swollen lips.

17-12-08, 00:30
The classics portray Lara the best (TR1-5 fmvs)
Aod Lara
TRU Lara
Legend Lara
TRA Lara (graphic wise, she looks PS2 compared to TR7 Lara)

17-12-08, 08:05
TR2 + 3 Lara
AoD Lara

TRL,TRA and TRU are the ugly ones. Scary huge bug eyes, large boulder heads and swollen lips.

http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/5889/tru2008120222353443ju9.th.jpg (http://img392.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tru2008120222353443ju9.jpg)


Yeah,I lol-ed whille watching this cutscene.Her eyes are huuuuge!

17-12-08, 08:28
TR3 render Lara is the prettiest. That was the height of her iconic look; she was feminine and feisty, and seemed to embody the classic Lara personality best.

AOD Lara's face looks great in profile.

Next-gen Legend Lara is very pretty - I especially liked the detail in her eyes.

Anniversary Lara was sort of odd looking to me. Big forehead, long chin, non-existent eyebrows. Blech.

TRU Lara can either look goofy, unrecognizable, or quintessentially Croft depending on the angle and her expression. Her model is well done and all, but she's just kinda 'blah'. Nothing that unique or striking about her look anymore.

17-12-08, 08:41
1. TR:U Lara
2. Legend Lara
3. AOD Lara
4. Anniversary Lara
5. Classic Lara (they all look the same to me lol)

17-12-08, 09:15
1.Anniversary Lara - She was my favorite because of her looks. she had emotion. and with it being a remake of the first. she killed someone and when she did you could tell she was hurt by it.

2. Underworld lara - She was very beautiful but not in that drop dead sexy way...

3. Legend lara - loved her attitude :).

4. AOD lara - i liked her in this one because mainly her attitude. but not quoting my feelings from legend lara. she got dragged into everything, von croy died. the police were chasing her...how would you feel if that happened to you? wouldnt you be *****y? :P

5:tr4/5 lara - i didnt care for these 2 because...1)her hair was passed her butt O.O! unlike tr3 and 2 and 1 it wasnt it was perfect length. 2)her attitude i guess is what you would call it lol. she was to mean.

6: tr2 lara. - i dont know just didnt care for her.

7. classic lara. - ew just ew :vlol:.

8.Young Lara - Was annoying little squeaker.

9: TR3 Lara: - to pushy :/

since they are the same tr4 and 5 lara count ass a one...young lara is one of the options...

Should probably fix that typo :P.

17-12-08, 12:24
tr 2 - 3 - this is the most "lara" to me
AOD - gorgeous, but very big lips if i remember!
anniversary - a posh version of legend lara
legend - very pretty.. a nice new look :)
tr 4 -5 - ingame... plait was very long and her boobs seemed to get bigger! but ok overall
young lara - nice enough, although she does look like pete burns in some pics...
tr1 - not her best look. good for the first game i suppose

17-12-08, 16:17
Should probably fix that typo :P.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!OMG!havent noticed that!;)

17-12-08, 16:55
TR underworlds face with TRA body...

the rest arent really my thing...

Jack Croft
17-12-08, 17:00
I prefer the newest so TRU.