View Full Version : Steve Jobs abandons Macworld trade show

17-12-08, 00:28
Signs of the times…

Steve Jobs has bailed out of giving his annual address at MacWorld expo in San Francisco. One of Apple's VP's will give it instead, and Apple also announced this will be their last year at the trade show. Apple says they can connect better with their customers at their retail stores rather than the trade shows. That smells of BS IMHO. It sounds like Apple does not have any new products to unveil. Read the story in the San Francisco Chronicle:


17-12-08, 00:35
My opinion of Steve Jobs is not very good to say the least. He is no doubt one of the most arrogant, coniving, and manipulative assholes the world has ever produced.

17-12-08, 00:46
I think it's time for Apple to reinvent itself. The only decent stuff they've come out with in the past year is the new iPhone and nano. I lost faith in Apple when they discontinued use of matte screens. :mad:

17-12-08, 01:00
No products OR the man is having health issues. He did have a bout with pancreatic cancer, you know.

Either way, the speculation over their products (well, lack of) or his health cannot produce good results for Apple.

17-12-08, 01:01
Has the stock prices plummeted yet? :D