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18-12-08, 01:56

Heat/Drought: 19.6 percent of nature-caused deaths

Severe Summer Weather: 18.8 percent

Winter Weather: 18.1 percent

Flooding: 14 percent

Tornadoes: 11.6 percent

Lightning: 11.3 percent

Geophysical Events (such as earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes): Less than 5 percent

Coastal (such as storm surge, rip currents and coastal erosion): 2.3 percent


18-12-08, 02:27
I am so confused what does <-0.50 Std. Dev. mean?

18-12-08, 02:37
I am so confused what does <-0.50 Std. Dev. mean?

LOL! I didn't notice it until now. I think that the higher the number the higher chance of death.

Lara's Backpack
18-12-08, 07:05
std. dev. stands for standard deviation.

"A large standard deviation indicates that the data points are far from the mean and a small standard deviation indicates that they are clustered closely around the mean."

(I couldn't be bothered to explain it myself, good ol' wiki :D)

18-12-08, 07:07
So I am likely to die from floods, tornados and heat? Wonderful!

18-12-08, 07:28
Mine has a high chance of dying....:eek: :D