View Full Version : Enemies freeze in Concentrated Fire for you to kill 'em with ease?

18-12-08, 15:22
It's that's how it is supposed to work, or is it an AI bug?

All I do is to give them a few shots and then go immediately into concentrate fire mode, right before they are about to give Lara a shot. I usually always just keep tapping on the Right Stick while holding down onto the left trigger button. :D

18-12-08, 17:22
I think they made it that way so then if an enemy was coming at you say a thrall you wouldn't get knocked over in slow motion wasting away your adrenaline bar? That's just my guess.

18-12-08, 21:53
No, I've been knocked over plenty of times by enemies while in this mode and it wastes a hack of a lot of your adrenaline meter. It's a pain in the butt.