View Full Version : Security Alert - Ctrl Alt Delete comics.

19-12-08, 13:10
If you browse the CAD comic website and get Adobe Reader attempting to open up. DO NOT OPEN! The source of the pop up is not from CAD itself, but it appears to be going through the advertisements. The source is a known place of distribution of Adware. If you use Google Chrome, it will stop you from browsing the website. But if you use IE be warned. Other browsers I am unsure what the response from them is. But do not open Adobe reader when it requests it.

Legend of Lara
19-12-08, 13:16
Thanks for the heads-up. I use Firefox 3 with Adblocker+ and Noscript. That any good?

19-12-08, 13:28
No idea Chris, visiting CAD itself appears to be safe. It's just the adverts are trying to send crapware through to Adobe reader.

http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/8366/googlechromewarningpp6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Edit: Deleted my cookies, went back in and didnt get a warning this time. So it's probably just one of the adverts doing it.

19-12-08, 14:05
Thanks for the warning. Mr Voni reads CAD so I'll let him know.

19-12-08, 14:40
I've read the CAD comic at work today... Oh well, if the company internet goes down I'll know how crap they're security is! Hah!

Thanks for the warning :)