View Full Version : Blistex = Karima Adebibe ?

20-12-08, 03:45
I know this is a really stupid question but has anyone seen the uk advert for blistex. every time its on i keep thinking that the model is Karima Adebibe but i cant tell becase they only show her lips. i couldnt find a link to the advert only the website www.blistex.co.uk. Does anyone know if its her or am i just going crazy from playing too much Tombraider!

Sir Croft
20-12-08, 04:02
It kinda sounds like her and those lips are a little similar to hers, so it may be her :p

20-12-08, 06:38
Oh, yeah. I'm definitely thinking that's Karima.

20-12-08, 16:05
am glad im not the only one who thinks its her

Lara Croft!
20-12-08, 16:10
I think it's her as well...

13-07-09, 22:13

13-07-09, 22:16
Definitely her, just by her mannerisms when she speaks. :)

13-07-09, 23:01
Shame she endorses such a crappy product.

14-07-09, 14:46