View Full Version : Fantastic Christmas Lights

21-12-08, 12:48
My boyfriend just took me for a drive around the streets near my house to show me these fabulous christmas lights done to music.

Every year in Brisbane we have the Christmas lights competition, and this is the Sallaway family's first year competing. The man of the house is a computer programmer and put together this wonderful display. There are six songs all together and a donation box with all proceeds going towards the Starlight Childrens Foundation, a national charity helping sick kids everywhere, especially at Christmas.

Heres the link to all six videos, they're pretty amazing!


21-12-08, 12:53
Thats awesome!

21-12-08, 13:02
I want that house :vlol:

21-12-08, 13:08
I love the donation box. Usually these kinds of things give me an idea of rich people bragging about their stuff, but the donation box changes everything :tmb:

21-12-08, 13:55
oooohh...... :D Pretty lights, and soothing music.
Great they do this for charity.

21-12-08, 15:36
Sorry but christmas lights infuriate me to no end. it's a waste of electricity/resources.