View Full Version : Happy Yule (Jullae, the winter solstice), TRF! :p

21-12-08, 18:04
Happy Yule to all pagans on the forum! It's the second year I celebrate the pagan "Christmas" and I'm very happy with my religion! :)

21-12-08, 18:05

Have a good night, mate. :D

21-12-08, 18:06
Yay thanks :)


21-12-08, 18:13
Paganism is a religion? Not a group of religions?

21-12-08, 18:16
It's used commonly as an Umbrella Term nowadays, yeah. :)

21-12-08, 18:19
I'll be more specific. I am a Celtic, traditional paganist, a wittan if you wish. It does not matter how you specify it, it's in us all, the whole patriatical form of religion came a lot after paganism. It's just a frame to tame the soul, when being a follower of nature is in all of us. So if I'm either in worship of Greeko-Roman gods, Celtic gods, Nordik gods...Natla :p.. It won't matter, they all have different names but apply to the same gods.

21-12-08, 18:25
Well it's Winter for all of us, that's a fact :)

21-12-08, 18:30
You're right. And since Christian holidays are just well covered pagan ones, the dates of the celebrations are also approximate... But that's just formality (*looks at your sig*) One shouldn't explain in what he believes, he needs to believe in it blindly, if his faith must be real. If one tries to explain what he believes in, he obviously doubts it. Anyway, not going to quote first grade philosophy now, am I? ;)

21-12-08, 18:31

Happy Winter Solstice!

21-12-08, 18:39
Happy Yule to all pagans on the forum! It's the second year I celebrate the pagan "Christmas" and I'm very happy with my religion! :)

Oh my!!! Happy Yule! Bright blessings my fellow pagan. :D :hug:

21-12-08, 18:40
Blessed be :hug:

21-12-08, 18:43
Anyone doing anything special today? :wve:

21-12-08, 18:49
I made a Yule Log earlier. :D

I'll stay up past midnight, light a few candles... and thats about it.

I get quite sad between Lughnasadh and Yule with the nights getting longer... but Yule marks the change, and we're back on our way to summer. :jmp:

21-12-08, 18:55
Argh. I wanted to eat the Pumpking Pastry I made for the contest :p!! I'll need to wait till tomorrow though!


Beauty, isn't she?

If photobucket wasn't so slow ... >_>

Anyway, I'm not doing any special ritual, as I don't know any... Maybe someday when I'm with my mentor or fellow pagans..

Next year we're making a Log, but this year I wasn't so lucky. It sounded so delicious when I read the recipe, and when I saw how my friend Ina made it, I was just ... ARGH! :D:D:D:D

21-12-08, 18:58
I made a Yule Log earlier. :D

I bought a scrumptious one from Tesco today.. :D


I'm off out tonight with some mates, celebrating just about everything we have to celebrate. :D .... Soberly. :(

21-12-08, 19:01
^ Hmm.... *distrusts* :rolleyes:

21-12-08, 19:02
Happy Yule!!:)